4.6 5 0 49 49 Bring your garden indoors with the odor-eliminating, minty, and herbal scent of Febreze ONE Fabric Refresher Peppermint & Rosemary.
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Lovely smell of summer!
I purchased this when it was still cold and snowy outside and it was like bringing your summer garden indoors. It is just lovely and pet friendly too.
Febreze ONE FABRIC Peppermint & Rosemary
I do like the fragrance 👍 and the scent lasts a long time 👍 The only dislike is that it is a very potent solution--
This is great
The smell is great and peppermint is good for headaches. This product helps keep headaches at bay. I like that it is safe for animals. I don't think it needs any improvements. I would recommend this to everyone.
J'adore cette odeur
J'ai adoré ce produit, je trouve que ça ne sent pas trop fort et le parfum est super.
tres frais comme senteur et reste longtemp apres 3 jours il sens encore
Luv it!
Love the scents not too overpowering and great that it's a Febreze product to keep air fresh long lasting! Price a bit high but a sale would be good.
Brilliant product.
Loved the scent. Fabric smells fresh for a long time.
Very nice smell
I loved it. It leaves a very nice smell for along time. I definitely recommend it
I love that it’s not strong enough to give you a headache but it covers the smell great!
this was excellent. great smell and gets rid of the dog and shoes odors. Great product
Teenage boy smell
This product does amazing wonders. Took the sweaty smell right away.
long lasting strength
I didn't go heavy on spraying it around, but the scent went all through my apt, and lingered for hours. I personally found this scent a little strong . You do get your moneys' worth, it's a hard working; and long lasting, spray
Great product!
Smells great although not quite a big fan of peppermint, there are better scented ones like tropical mango, hawaiian, anything fruity
Nice smelling
It's nice in were the smell was not over powering so I would recommend this to people.
I haven't tried it yet but am excited to do so. I love products that are scented or infused with natural scents... especially herbal.

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