4.2 5 0 128 128 Key lime flavour. 20% of your daily fibre per serving. 5 Bars.
Fibre 1 Cheesecake Bar
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I haven’t tried lately but do remember it really decadent. Loved it
This product was deliciously sweet and great for an afternoon snack with a coffee. The only downfall is one wasn’t enough. I’d suggest having something more filling with it or a whole box could be gone in no time.
Yummy without the calories
Due to arthritis pain I have been trying to reduce my sugar intake. As a person who LOVES her sweets I searched high and low for a sweet treat that gave me the feeling of eating sweets without all the sugar that cause my aches and pains. The Fiber 1 line of sweets is definitely my favourite. They are soft, yummy and hit the spot. They stop my sugar cravings in their tracks. I will purchase these again and recommend them to my friends.
so sweet and refreshing bars they have a wonderful flavor
Cheesecake without the guilt!
Eating one of these bars is so rich and satisfying! It is a really good healthy alternative to cheesecake as it only has 150 calories and lots of fibre! They're also much more convenient and portable than regular cheesecake.
Loved this bar! It is very good and when I finish I always want to eat more! I love how it is healthier than other brand and that they taste great too. My only issue would be the cost but other than that I love it.
I thought these were very good for a sweet fix. Squares were big and satisfying. I was the only one in my family to like them the others preferred brownie.
OMG!!! So good!! If you are craving something sweet i would grab one of these cheesecake bars, they really feel like you're having a treat while still be a healthier option than most cheesecakes
I really enjoyed these. So much so I went out and bought 2 more boxes. Which didn't last long.
Tasted too much like dessert rather than a supposedly healthful fibre bar. Doesn't stop me from buying it again! Original flavor from all of those bars out there.
I like these fiber one bars because you get your amount of fiber without the gross taste of fiber, you get to taste the yummy flavor of key lime cheesecake.
I bought these and the chocolate cheesecake bars. They were delicious even my 6 year old loved them. Will definitely purchase again
Yummy, don't get me wrong but so high in sugar. I wouldn't eat these for fiber, I'd only eat them for dessert. You can get fiber other ways.
bought for my daughter, and its amazing, she thinks she is getting a tasty treat while its helping her with her fiber intake! though on the pricier side for 5 whole bars, its super worth it!!
these are the best take nd go snacks ever!!! so conviene!! on the way to my sports games i pop 2 of these i my bag and im on my way!

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