Fibre 1 Cheesecake Bar

4.2 5 0 179 179 Key lime flavour. 20% of your daily fibre per serving. 5 Bars.
Fibre 1 Cheesecake Bar


I was quite surprised at the flavor of these, very yummmmm! I was a bit skeptical at the size as well but they are quite filling. Will buy these again.
These taste delicious
The doctor says I need add fibre in my diet so I've started with these. They are so yummy I really don't want to try anything else. 1 lemon bar has 20% daily value of fibre per serving. 90 calories, no artificial sweeteners or colors and all naturally flavored. You get 5 per box. I always buy at least 4-5 just in case. If none available you can also order on Amazon
Lemon fresh
Great mid morning pick me up. Delicious lemon flavor . Not overly sweet , the perfect balance of sweet and tart .
Good but like others better
I enjoyed these but I have enjoyed other flavors from this brand more. I don't generally like lemon flavored snacks. I would go for a chocolate one more. I would recommend it to folks that like lemon snacks for sure
Love these
I love these for a dessert or something sweet.. not high in sugar and getting the fibre as well.. These are great!I would like to see more in the box
Just like a lemon square
Loved the taste of this. lemon is one of my favourite tastes and this reminds me of a lemon square but with a lot less calories.
Tasty, sweet and sour!
I enjoyed eating this treat knowing that the calories were low and that it helped me to eat my required daily fibre. Packages make for a convenient snack!
Tasty treats
Lemon cheesecake treats that are low calorie and delicious.
Love their bars
Not a huge fan of the Lemon cheesecake one but other wise still tasted pretty good would definitely recommend to someone who Iike's lemon
Absolutely amazing!! This my new go to snack. I hope they come out with more flavours.
Love the flavor!
I loved the flavor and texture of this product. Very soft and moist, almost hard to believe its been packaged for a while! Only downside is that it is super small and a bit on the pricier side.
I haven’t tried lately but do remember it really decadent. Loved it
This product was deliciously sweet and great for an afternoon snack with a coffee. The only downfall is one wasn’t enough. I’d suggest having something more filling with it or a whole box could be gone in no time.
Yummy without the calories
Due to arthritis pain I have been trying to reduce my sugar intake. As a person who LOVES her sweets I searched high and low for a sweet treat that gave me the feeling of eating sweets without all the sugar that cause my aches and pains. The Fiber 1 line of sweets is definitely my favourite. They are soft, yummy and hit the spot. They stop my sugar cravings in their tracks. I will purchase these again and recommend them to my friends.
so sweet and refreshing bars they have a wonderful flavor

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