Finish Jetdry Liquid

4.8 5 0 262 262 • 207 washes in one bottle. <br> • Dries, Shines, Fights Spots, and Fights Filming. <br> • Superior spot and residue protection vs. detergent alone.
Finish Jetdry Liquid


Works like you would expect
It's a good product and is my brand of choice when looking for a dishwasher aid
No spots cleaner dishes
I have a Bosch diswasher that doesn't heat dry the dishes. With Jet Dry I don't see water spots. My dishes always come out clean.
Haven't noticed a difference
I though this would help with water stains, but unfortunately it hasn't...
Je l'utilise mais honnêtement je ne suis pas convaincu de l'efficacité il y a parfois des ressidus sur m vaiselle malgré que mes verres sont transparent après un nettoyage il y a parfois des ressidus esce ma vaiselle ou mon lave vaiselle le probleme ou le produit sur a dire. Sachez que je rinse lalentierete de ma vaiselle avant de laver celle ci alors ...
Worth the money
I would recommend buying this product. It is effective at leaving your dishes clean and without spots. As a bonus it seems to leave your dishwasher clean an fresh smelling, more than if you didn't use it.
Works Well
Have used this for many years now and as far as Im concerned your dishwasher wont work properly without it. Works well on storage containers drying process
Très bon produit
Très bon produit, Toute la vaiselle est étincelante. Je l’utilise depuis plusieurs années.
Finish is the best!
Finish is the best spot remover for your dishwasher there is! I wouldn't use anything else.
The only one!
This is the best one I ever use! The dishes c9me out sparkling.
My favorite
I love using this jet dry product works better than the leading brands.
Dishes comes out of dishwasher without stain. Finaly vers clean.
Dishes sparkle even with hard water
This product is amazing! Our water supply comes from an artesian well and my dishes always came out spotted from the hard water. Finish JetDry solved this issue completely. Wish the bottle was spill proof because I always lose product while trying to get it into the dishwasher compartment.
Fini les traces sur les verres
Avec ce produit, mes verres sortent du lave-vaisselle intacts!
Très bon produit
Fonctionne à merveille. Laisse les vertes sans taches et la vaisselle propre.
Nouvelle découverte!
Je ne connaissais pas ce produit, utilisation depuis une semaine et ma vaisselle sort bien plus propre!

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