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Finish® Powerball® Quantum® Power & Free™
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Works like a charm
What is there to say except that this product is great. It cleans my dishes, leaves them streak-free and glistening. One tab does the trick even with a full load.
Works well love the fragrance free
I am glad to have a fragrance free dishwasher detergent that really works and is available in regular stores. Sometimes, it is hard to find a fragrance free option and when you do it does not work.
works ok
I prefer the powder version of this line of products, where I control how much I need, more or less, depending on how dirty my load is. I did not find that the power ball cleaned any better than any other brand in this line. I ONLY buy this particular product when on sale. It does clean almost everything with the first wash. Occasionally I will wash items once, such as stainless steel frying pans and then use a stainless steel cleaner to make the product look like new, washing frying pans etc. a second time. Like wise I will use glass cleaner on my glass pots after the pot has been washed once, to again make the product look like brand new on the second wash.
Finish® Powerball® Quantum® Power & Free
I have almost always used powder or liquid detergent in the past. I received the free sample in the mail and gave it a go. It cleaned the dishes wonderfully, and no streaks, YAY! Also easy to use. The only downfall would be the price of convenience. I would use this product again.
I have tried this once with a sample, but don't find it to be as good as the powder??? I find its hit and miss as to whether my dishes are completely clean when it's done, great concept, but maybe my 10 year old dish washer doesnt like it.
I have tried finish powerball quantum power & free sample.I was very happy with the outcome, my dishes looked very clean and had no streaks.It really works!.I will buy this for sure.
these are great. I got them as a free sample in the mail. That is a great way to try new products.
Un produit absolument merveilleux comme toute la gamme Quantum de Finish. Ici on utilise rien d'autre!!!
Finish Quantum Power & Free are so effective at cleaning dishes and leaving them sparkling clean. I would recommend them to anyone who uses a dishwasher. You don't have to worry about re cleaning dishes because they will be clean the first time around with these. Worth the extra $.
This is the only dishwasher tab I will buy. Dishes come out clean and spotless and it is easy to use. We are a Finish household.
This stuff is the best! No streak, no spots and get rid of the stickiest grime. Cant beat it!
Dishes are spotless and squeaky clean. I use with Jet dry rinse agent.
We love these and have switched to using them as our main method for our dishwasher. Love how quick and easy they are.
Super strong cleaning power. Cleans dried on tough stuff and leaves no residue or spots. No need to pre-rinse. Have been using these for months now and They do not appear to damage dishes either.
I love my finish quantum ,don't have to redo my dishes, leaves everything sparking clean would defiantly recommend them

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