4.4 5 0 77 77 5X power. Rinses residue, speeds up drying, fights water spots, brilliant shine, glass protection.
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Using this product has made a difference in my dishwasher. No more white spots, plates are dried completley, no more oily spots.
Sparkling shine everytime!
I will not, absolutely will not wash my dishes in the dishwasher without Finish Jet Dry! Leaves my dishes sparkling everytime I wash with Jet Dry, and shortens the drying time! What more could you ask for?!
I have always used this product and will continue to do so
Really Makes a Difference!
A little goes a long way. It makes all the difference in getting spot-free & dry dishes.
Good product
Does what it says, will leave dishes sparkling dry. Every time a load is done dishes look new, feels good. Easy to use and works great
Only One I Will Use
I absolutely love this Jet Dry,leaves my dishes sparkling, no residue left.And I never have to wipe a dish when taking them out of dishwasher.
Great product
Got my dishes sparkling when they were really looking foggy. I’ve heard vinegar can be used and works just as well, but haven’t tried it.
Finish is the best rinse agent
If you like a rinse agent, Finish is the one to get. It does help dishes dry better in the newer dishwashers and leaves less spots, than without a rinse agent. Using the 'hotter' water option in my dishwasher and dry cycle, everything is dry less ridged plastics. Spots are a minimum, silverware looks great. If you have divits in your glass or cup bottoms, you probably will have a ring from retention and evaporation during the 'dry' cycle.
The trick to shiny dishes
Being from a different country, I'd never understood the impact that water chemistry plays in the dishwasher. Since having added Finish to the cycles, the haziness has been replaced by perfectly clear and clean results, wash after wash.
Finish shine & protect
I use this all the time and it works well with our dishwasher, I don't remember a time it has not worked well.
This product cleans my dishes really well. This is a great product.
I have use this product for years now. There is not a huge difference when I use it or it runs out, To be honest I am not always even sure when I have run out. I have tried the odd "generic" version, and they do cause water spots etc. So when I use this type of product, I only use the brand, and always buy when on sale.
Our regular brand. We have hard water and this helps to make our dishes spotless and streak free.
This is the only brand that we purchase because it is far superior than any other brand. It works no hard water spots on the glasses.
Love this product. My dishes sparkle when I take them out of the dishwasher. So easy to use. When it goes on sale I stock up.

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