4.4 5 0 63 63 5X power. Rinses residue, speeds up drying, fights water spots, brilliant shine, glass protection.
Finish Shine & Protect
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Love jet dry. My dishes don't look the same without it.
This is the only rinse agent that works in my dishwasher!! Love it! Even Roth hard water my dishes come out sparkling!!
I love this product as the dishes come out with an awesome shine and always look fresh as compared to times when I used to run the dishwasher without finish. The product is a little expensive though.
OK, I am one of those who prefer to hand wash all my dishes! But when I do use my dishwasher I always make sure I always have Finish Shine & protect. I ran out the other day and wow! You really notice the difference when you don`t use finish!
love this product my dishes always come out clean and without water spots
My stainless steel dishwasher is very clean with this product. Everything is streak and spot free and dries so much faster. Love this product!
Finish Shine & Protect makes the difference from clean, to sparkling. I always notice my dishes are extra clean after using this!
I used Finish Jet Dry and it didn't make the difference that I expected.
A must have, if you have a dishwasher. It leaves your dishes very clean, and shiny.
By far the best one I have tried yet, it leave my dishes sparkling I will definitely continue using it from now on.
Glasses come out shining !!!! This is s great product
I love this product. My dishes always come out clean and clear with no residue! It works really well with finish the other finish products
I always use finish products for my dishwasher, they work awesome!
Probably one of the best ones out there. Well worth the price!
Best product on the market for clean dishes and shiny glasses.have used it for years.

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