4.4 5 0 64 64 5X power. Rinses residue, speeds up drying, fights water spots, brilliant shine, glass protection.
Finish Shine & Protect
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Best product on the market for clean dishes and shiny glasses.have used it for years.
I really like this product. 8t helps boost your dishwasher pods. My dishes come out so nice.
Great product! My plastic ware is no longer wet when I take it out and glasses are spotless!
I can see a difference when I don't use it. It does dry my glassware more efficiently.
I love this product and use it as recommended. It really leaves your glasses spotless.
Not a bad product it leaves my dishes shiny and spotless.
I have been lucky with this product. I love they have had free deals in the newspapers coupon booklets lately. I love the results. I look for sales and buy a few at a time.
Works great. All the dishes, glassware and silverware come of the dishwasher spot free amd shining.
i have very hard well water so its helps to make my glasses shine
Before I used this, my dishes always had a milky water mark, after being in the dishwasher.
This product is great but i find it a bit expensive.
I tried this and I love the way the glasses sparkle and the plastic storage dishes come out without any residue. The silverware looks great.
This is a great product but a little pricey to use all the time especially with a huge family and many loads of dishes daily. Works great though and every now and then I buy to get the dishes sparkling. Maybe when everyone moves out I will use it all the time.
Works as expected. We use this product all of the time along with Finish Powerball detergent. This combo is the best we've found. Bosch 300 series DW.
I had a free sample bottle given to me from Costco and I tried and now it is my go to product.

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