4.5 5 0 112 112 Toss a little or a lot into the washing machine at the beginning of the wash and let its long lasting scent system work its magic for clothes that smell fresh for weeks.
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Je l'adore
Très bon produit, un parfum très agréable. Surtout le parfum tient longtemps
Love the smell of fresh laundry
I love the smell of Fleecy laundry beads. I use Fleecy dryer sheets also. I enjoy the fragrance when I open my dresser drawers and I love that my closet smells so nice. I would love it if they came out with a patchouli scented beads and sheets.
great value for the cost
I purchased this in-wash scent booster at my local Giant Tiger for under five dollars. It performs just as well as the higher priced brands on the market currently. I would definitely recommend this product!
No better or worse than the competition
I do A LOT of laundry and im always looking for ways to make it easier and more efficient. I found that this product didnt work better or worse than its competition nor was it better than using alone instead of fabric softener. To me, this is just an unnecessary product as there is scent already in the laundry detergent, fabric softener and fabric softener sheets.
Too Much
I tried this product as I have always used Fleecy, but found it to be over powering with scent, perhaps that's the reason the scent lasts long.
Not bad but not great
I tried 3 different scents including this one. I find they are kind of overpowering in scent when using it and the scent doesn't last as long on the clothes after washing like with other scent boosters. It's a smaller package so you run out sooner, kind of a blessing lol. Price is cheaper than other boosters. Would not buy again unless I had to( not enough money for another product or another product not available). No I really think I would just do without.
Great product. Leaves clothes smelling awesome....
My go too product! Amazing smell after the clothes come out of the dryer as well!
Amazing scent
Definitely a great product. Highly recommend. Works really well.
smells awesome
Very nice smell. Left my laundry nice and fluffy. Would but it again.
Love it. Fleecy always great highly recommend it give it a try
Smells so good
I love this product.other than for laundry..I put a few beads and add water to a spray bottle.and magistrat u have air freshener.a little goes a long way
This product is great. It smells awesome and I've always lloved this brand. It gives your clothes that extra scent boost but is still gentle on my sensitive skin. My fafavorite thing to wash in it is my sheets :)
Perfect medley
Pearls! Everyone should be using this product, everyone I know just loves it!
Left clothes smelling fresh and. clean
I would highly remend to anyone left clothes smelling really good

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