4.4 5 0 38 38 No matter how long or hard you scrub with your hands, they’ll never get your face as clean, firm, smooth and glowy as LUNA 3’s soft silicone and high-tech sonic power.
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Cool experience
This product was very new to me. It was very easy to learn how to use and seemed to work very well. Definitely helped me to get my skin care routine on track! The app worked really well, very pleased!
Perfect for skin cleaning
Perfect for deep cleaning, I have used it for two years, it gives a face massage and helps reduce the blackhead effectively. I think it’s the best machine I have bought! Definitely recommend this to anyone who wears makeup.
great product for face cleaning
It works great and clean the pores and dead skin very well There is a light vibration that massage the skin
Not worth the $$$$
I do not personally own this product but I tried a friends to see what the hype was about and if I should invest. And after trying it out I have decided to save my money!!!! I didn’t feel like I got the deep cleaning it so “promises”.
A little to pricey for a scrub
I mean I works pretty good on my back but do I really need to pay this much for a scrub a dub dub, I don’t think so
Nice but what a price point
Really cool product and felt nice, but oh my gosh that price point! I got one on a great sale but I would NEVER pay full price! I don’t think it’s that special just use a scrub!
The only cleansing brush u need
This is the only brush you will ever need to buy. i charged this device for 5 mins after i bought it, and haven't charged it for over a year. Really deep cleans your pores while massaging it. Also massages my moisturizers into my face!
Compact facial massager
This is my go to facial massager! I was told to use only gel by a friend but unfortunately ran out. Started using my other facial cleaners with it and still works great !!!
Game Changer
After 2 babies and now being over 30, my skin has changed a lot. Simple makeup wipe and moisturizer isn't going to cut it anymore. I picked this up on a whim after hearing so much about it. All I have to say is Oh. My. God! My skin felt so clean, but not dried out. I saw a noticeable difference after only one use.
Love this
I purchased one of these and absolutely love it. It makes your skin feel so fresh and clean. The charge lasts forever and it’s safe to leave in the shower. Totally recommend buying one.
Washing my face has never been the same
I totally fell in love with this product the first time trying it , the bristle really give a deep cleaning feeling
Leaves skin feeling amazing!!
I absolutely love this product. I leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. The charge lasts a long time and i love using it in the shower without having to recharge often. I have had other brushes before but nothing compares to this one!!
Love this face cleaner!
I finally got one last month and I love it! Really helps to clean and massage your skin. It's very gentle. I also use it with my moisturisers and serums to help them absorb better. Great little gadget. Easy to use and clean, and works great.
Decent face scrubber
I use this mostly in the evening to wash my face. It works well with a cleanser. It vibrates and does a good job of getting dirt off of the face - not too sure if it does anything to improve the look of skin but the extra microdermabrasion effect can't hurt.
My face has never felt cleaner
Adding my fav cleanser with this has never made my face feel better!

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