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Fresh Express® Chopped Salad Kit
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Fresh, easy and quick
Great side or even meal. Comes with everything you need for a basic salad. I like to add a couple ingredients of my own to make it more to my taste, usually a protein (again kit goes great with chicken. Preferably teriyaki chicken) and I’ll also add a couple veggies that I have on hand.
Nice crunch
I like the texture and crunch with this salad mix and the dressing add a little leftover chicken and it's a delicious lunch
These are nice and quick, good flavors, and well packaged. Just need to make sure you buy with long expire date to ensure freshness. Some stores and a little expensive though, need to watch your prices.
The flavours are good and the portions of the mixtures packages are good but the price point is too high. Cannot justify the cost for the quantity on the dinner table for the family.
love portioned premade salads. This one is great! Having salad mixes allows me to have different salads throughout the week. I tend to waste much less food when I purchase these kits. Great product!
These are ok when I'm in a hurry but I really do prefer the regular salad version not the chopped ones. Too much cabbage in them.
Excellent quality. Enjoyed it very much and will purchase again.
Super easy and convenient. They taste great. Price could be better but your paying for the convenience.
I've tried this and was pleasantly surprised. I don't generally eat anything Asian as I don't care for ginger, but this was really good!!!
I have used many of the fresh express salads, but this is the favourite on in our household.
I enjoyed this salad very much. I don't usually eat many things with 'Asian' flavor but this was great. My husband and daughter didn't really prefer it, but they are picky eaters, and my husband doesn't usually enjoy his 'greens'. The southwest version I loved aswell.
I didn't like the dressing but I really enjoyed everything else. I will eat this but try a different dressing next time.
These are great when you want to add that extra green on your plate without all the chopping.
I have tried this one and the new southwest chopped salad... I LOVED the southwest one. this one was ok
Absolutely love these salads, they are so good and healthy for you! I have one almost every second day. This one of my favorite. And I have told a lot of my frined and my kids and now they are eating them too!

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