Fruit2O Sparkling Tea - Peach

3.8 5 0 63 63 Fizzy meets fuzzy. Sparkling tea finished with the luscious taste of peach.
Fruit2O Sparkling Tea - Peach


Favorite drink
My daughter loves this drink! This brand is her absolute favorite!
not my favourite brand
Like some others, I like a sweeter taste and this is blah. Not a bad taste but definitely needs more sweetener
I didn't like it
Not as sweet as I would like it to be. I would not recommand it. The flavour is not as good as I would think before tasting. I was waiting for a more intense peach flavour. Not for me !
Not a fan
This particular ice tea is not for me. I love both carbonated and ice tea beverages separately, but this combination missed the mark in my opinion. It tastes like something is missing and wasn’t very refreshing.
Missed mark
Not a nice flavour, any of the Fruit2O, just really fake flavours and not like tea at all
Very tasty
I love all the flavours from this brand! The sparkling juice tastes so amazing and this has got to be one of my favourite flavours! It's the perfect cold drink! I definitely recommend.
Not bad, not great
Decent flavor just seems like something is missing from it. Not the best.
Refreshing taste
This is an awesome drink that is perfect for a hot summers day.
OVERPRICED and gouging the masses
nice flavor,,refreshing..overpriced for what you attian at the checkout
great for a hot summer day
The product itself tastes great maybe not the best for your but its alot better they pepsi or coke overall a great drink great for a hot summer day
Great taste
Great taste. Probably not the best for you. But if you are tired of your regular bottles of water but dony qant pop this is my go to. Same bubbleness would put all them added sugars
I find the flavour to be strong, you could even mixed in with a can of carbonated water if you wanted to. I wouldn't say the peach flavour was strong, but I've tried a lot of tea drinks of other companies and the peachiness is about the same.
This is definitely a refreshing sparkling beverage. I buy it once a while. Very nice!
If you like tea with a bit of a kick this is it. The great taste of tea with the fizz you get with pop. Very good
I love all these drinks. Great flavour great price.

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