Garnier Fructis Grow Strong Shampoo

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Garnier Fructis Grow Strong Shampoo


Poor experience
While I love the garnier brand, I did not like the shampoo and conditioner pair grow strong. I found it left my hair feeling very heavy and greasy, and after using it for 3 months I didn’t know any noticeable difference in the texture or structure of my hair. Was still very easy to break/damage (I have previous hair damage due to colouring) but did not see any of what the shampoo claimed to accomplish.
Not that great
I used this on my hair for a few weeks and noticed my hair was very dry. Not sure if there are harsh chemicals in it that made my hair stringy and dry.
Currently using
After a month of use I definitely notice a difference.
Made scalp oily
I have very dry hair but somehow using this shampoo for 1 month made my hair very oily and frizzy...
Garnier fresh
Love the lasting smell this leaves on my hair! My fiance loves it too! Makes my clean from roots and takes out oily residues. I would recommend using this brand.
Soft hair
Love this product! Has a pleasant smell and leaves my hair feeling soft and easy to style. As a general preference I usually purchase Fructis products for my hair, this is my new fav
I like it. It is definitely a good change from my old. Smells good and shines my hair
grow strong
when I'm able to find this product I grab it up, my hair and scalp looks and feels much better after 1 use, and you can feel how much better the product is for your hair
I fell in love with this shampoo
I started using this shampoo a month ago and I fell in love! <3 I have really frizzy and damaged hair and not only did I see my hair transform - get stronger and less breakage - the frizz is at its controllable best! I love this!
This shampoo make my hair shiny and silky. My hair has definitely gotten healthier from this.
This is my favourite shampoo to use, i love the light scent and it does not weigh down my hair. I use this with the conditioner and it is a perfect combination.
This shampoo makes your hair actually feel thicker and stronger. It also leaves your hair smelling great! I would definitely recommend this product!
One of my favourite shampoos! I have really thick and wavy hair and it moisturized it without weighing it down and the scent is nice as well. Anyone looking for something new to try, this is it.
Another Fructis success. Love the way it leaves my hair.
Smells amazing. Leaves my hair so soft! The shampoo and condtionor together work so well. Definitely recommend.

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