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Garnier Hair Care Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo
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Love it!
I love using the garnier fructis shampoo, because it always leaves my hair silky and soft, and always smelling really good. I feel it is making my hair look more healthier then ever. I would definitely recommend it to family or friends, and I will continue to buy the Garnier Fructis Shampoo now and in the future.
My hair felt clean and free of build-up. Fresh scent!
It's ok
I like that it has no sulfates but find that it just takes to much from my hair. I don't like shampoos that strip my hair.
Best shampoo for fine hair
This is the only shampoo I will use. No more static in my hair. It leaves hair soft and manageable. My hair is very fine and this shampoo does not weigh it down. I reccomend this shampoo
Great product
Its a great product for a fair price(depending on retailer). I love the smell and the quality clean it gives my hair. Only thing I would change is the amount I have to use to get a good lather. Other than that I would definitely recommend.
Cleans hair
I bought this on sale from Walmart for $2.67 plus tax it smells great and Does a great job of cleaning the hair at a low price it has to use more than enough and doesn’t last as long but reccomend if you are looking for shampoo at low price
Sweet clean Smelling Hair
I just love that feeling of clean hair. Don't we all love that feeling of clean hair. I love the smell of the shampoo and how clean my hair feels after. I would recommend this product to family and friends.
Love the smell
I just love the scent!! It leaves my hair silky and smelling great!
Nothing special
This shampoo really didn't do anything different than other shampoos on the market. I also felt that I had to use more to get the same lather effect.
smells great
This product smells really good and keeps my hair really clean from dirt that can build up
Great Product
This shampoo is great and it's also not expensive. During and after use it left my hair soft and manageable. I did not use the conditioner just the shampoo and will be buying another one once I run out.
i like the way it foamed for the small amount i had to use
Smells nice!
Love the smell! Don’t feel like it cleans a lot like other shampoos though
great smell and left my hair silky smooth. i would definitely recommend it
PURE and Clean? More like MaNURE clean!
My grandmother is an intensely hairy woman, and so it is often difficult to find a shampoo that does the job. Garnier's pure clean shampoo is no exception. With its patented blend of sham and poo, it made quick work of my grandmother's mane, which now resembles the bristles of a scrub brush after meatloaf night. Its intense cleaning action relieved my grandmother of all of the dirt and grime she had collected over her millenia-long lifespan; it also relieved her of her very existence, as apparently that grime was all that was holding her antiquated carcass together. In a matter of minutes, Garnier reduced that 7-foot, 300-pound beast of a woman to a meagre pile of withered Neanderthal bones, crowned with a sad little loaf of fur. Indeed, she is now but a shadow of her former self. Garnier has sent my family into disarray, our matriarch naught but a memory. We shall go into exile now, until the time is right. Brace yourself, Garnier: the war is coming, and with vengeance.

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