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Garnier Hair Care Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo
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Smells nice!
Love the smell! Don’t feel like it cleans a lot like other shampoos though
great smell and left my hair silky smooth. i would definitely recommend it
PURE and Clean? More like MaNURE clean!
My grandmother is an intensely hairy woman, and so it is often difficult to find a shampoo that does the job. Garnier's pure clean shampoo is no exception. With its patented blend of sham and poo, it made quick work of my grandmother's mane, which now resembles the bristles of a scrub brush after meatloaf night. Its intense cleaning action relieved my grandmother of all of the dirt and grime she had collected over her millenia-long lifespan; it also relieved her of her very existence, as apparently that grime was all that was holding her antiquated carcass together. In a matter of minutes, Garnier reduced that 7-foot, 300-pound beast of a woman to a meagre pile of withered Neanderthal bones, crowned with a sad little loaf of fur. Indeed, she is now but a shadow of her former self. Garnier has sent my family into disarray, our matriarch naught but a memory. We shall go into exile now, until the time is right. Brace yourself, Garnier: the war is coming, and with vengeance.
Garnier Fresh & Clean has a nice fresh smell. Hair was clean & shiny after use. Like that it is silicone-free.
I received a sample of the shampoo and conditioner. I was happy during use, it smelled nice and didn't leave any residue behind. Unfortunately, I wasnt happy by the end of the day. I typically have no problem going a day or two between washes, but with this product I found my hair to be quite greasy by the evening. My hair isnt usually very oily, but I found this brought out the oils and even had me having to tie my hair back to avoid grease on my skin, which I cant stand.
Great shampoo that leaves my hair feeling clean and soft. My hair gets oily quickly but this product helps to keep down the oiliness without drying out my hair.
Great smell and so much better for your hair than other shampoos!
I love this product, my hair are not heavy since I'm using this shampoo and they stay clean longer. The scent is also very nice
I absolutely love this product it smells great and it really does make your hair feel clean would definitely recommend
J'ai utilisé ce shampooing et j'ai les cheveux colorés et mes cheveux étaient doux et flexible. Je l'ai beaucoup aimé.
I loved the smell of this product. It washed my hair so nicely as well. I will definitely buy it again.
bon shampoing sens bon et mousse bien. j'aime ce produit
I have try this product before and I personally do not like the smell it smells more like a cucumber perfume smell to me that doesn't smell very well I also hate how it makes my hair feel because my hair is so poofy and it comes out feeling like a straw feeling so for me it wasn't a good product I think for somebody who has thin straight hair it probably do the trick.
absolutely love the way my hair smells and feels when I use this, makes me feel so clean and fresh and it's a fair price too
J’ai beaucoup aimé. L’odeur est très agréable, comme tout les fructis d’ailleurs.

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