0 5 0 3 1 This lotion with SPF 15 helps to defend the skin against external aggressors such as UV rays. This oil-free, lightweight, and hydrating formula locks in moisture for 24 hours.
Garnier Moisture Rescue Actively Hydrating Daily Lotion
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This is a good product, it does the trick if you use it daily. would recommend to others.
This sounds like an awesome product to try. I am almost out of the product I am using now. Maybe trying this out will help me to choose better.
I'd like to be able to try this out...just so happens I'm actually in need of some more face lotion 😊
I have not tried this product yet but would love too
Would really like to check out this product, I am looking for a moisturizer to use daily, thanks
Would love sample of this as i'm in need of a new lotion to try
I would love to try this product, my skin has been horrible lately and it needs something to spruce it up.
I would absolutely love to try this product as I have damaged dry skin & very much in 'Need' of a product to help restore the skin I used to have when I was younger; 'if that' is at all somewhat possible. :) I would truly so-ever be grateful.
I have very dry skin and would like to try this product to see if it would make my skin soft
I have been using Garnier for years! Always like to try new stuff, this probably rocks!
Iam always looking for a good product would love to try.
I would love to try this on my dry skin and see how it works
would love to try this product... Garnier i have bought most of there products, as i receive in sample's and now there are the products i purchase every week.
If anything makes me look and feel better I shall try !!!!
I would enjoy to have this lotion on my skin after sunbathing and swimming in The Ocean every day in summer time. It is needed to hydrate skin every day.

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