4.2 5 0 19 19 Formulated with Green Tea Extract, this 96% naturally-derived deep pore gel cleanser purifies skin while removing dirt, oil & daily build-up.
GARNIER Skin Active Mattifying Cleanser with Green Tea Extract
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Works good
Got this Because it was on sale, it works pretty good but I have the makeup smudge a lot before coming off. I'd still buy it again because it does work with a little elbow grease
Smells nice
Although it smells nice and is made with natural products and leaves your skin feeling cool and clean I have oily skin and have noticed that my skin is even oilier after using it.
Deep clean
This product is so good, it's sensitive on my skin, leaves a cool refreshing feeling. Deep cleans and unclogged pores, removing oils and dirt build up
Gentle for skin
I love this cleanser. It is very gentle for skin. No irritation or dryness afterwards. Suitable for combination skin. Can be used during any season of the year.
This cleanser is nice. It removes dirt and makes my skin feel much less oily. I look forward to buying this again.
fresh and practical. it does really work and gives your skin a good feeling of clean too
I have not tried this product yet but I am looking forward to giving it a try. I am a big fan of Garnier and have liked every product of theirs that I have tried. I have read a lot of really good reviews on this product so there is no doubt it will be an excellent product.
This product works great on my oily/dry combo skin! i love the way it feels after i use it!!!!!
I agree that this product is awesome. It makes my skin so silky smooth and love the scent
J'ai bien aimée. Effet rafraîchissant.laisse la peau propre et fraîche. Parfait pour un nettoyage express
Jai adorer ce produit il sent super bon et laisse ka peau tres douce je vais en racheter ses certain
I have to say I absolutely loved Garnier cleanser,. It leaves your face feeling so clean and there is no greasy feel. I actually just left my face makeup free. I recommend this product.
J'ai bien aimé ce produit , on reste la peau toute douce, on se sens propre et fraîche.
I have not tried this product yet , but would really love too
its an ok product just a little too watery for me......it was not of the strength I need to do the job I require

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