Garnier SkinActive BB Light Nude Effect Moisturizing Cream

4.3 5 0 165 165 Lustrous, flawless finish. Colour matching formula for a wide range of skin tones.
Garnier SkinActive BB Light Nude Effect Moisturizing Cream


Used in previous country one of my best creams
Not so bad!
I used this in the past. I can say that this is the only BB cream that perfect to my skin. It didn't plug my pores and didn't leave greasy feelings.
With a little adjustment, it went on smoothly
I liked the color of the tint but I found the texture to be a little thicker than I prefer. That said, I found blending a bit of daily moisturizing cream made it easier to apply and left a smoother finish.
Bien pour le prix
Il fait vraiment bien le travail léger et aspect mat
The best invention
I have worn this for almost month and buy nothing else! I have never found a foundation that correctly matches my skin tone and never will but it doesn’t matter, all thanks to this amazing product. It even evened out my skin tone somehow and made it lush and fair over time. Please never discontinue it!
medium coverage
For a BB cream, this gives a pretty good medium coverage. On hot days, it could feel a little oily but I think it makes my skin look flawless. For the price, I couldn't ask for more.
Great coverage
Back in the days, Im very much a an avid user of BB cream and i Garnier SkinActive BB Light Nude Effect Moisturizing Cream is one of them. What i like about this it gave a great coverage without the feeling of too much. Very light and even barely there.
Love it
This is a great product. I use it in place of foundation on good skin days. Feels very light and evens the complexion for a subtle look. I would recommend this product to others.
Moisturizer still needed for dry skin
I loved the tint to this product, though with dry skin I feel I often need to use a base moisturizer as well or the BB cream shows the dry skin patches.
Very nice
Garnier BB cream is a must have in any make up bag! It goes on light, blends beautifully with my skin tone and stays put all day. I love how light and smooth my face feels after applying.
Great BB cream
This is one of those products everyone must keep in their makeup bag. I mostly only wear tinted moisturizer or BB creams and the Garnier BB cream is one of my favorites. It feels light on the skin, and gives me a flawless and smooth look in no time. Easy to apply, great price and lasts a long time. I got this item free from the ChickAdvisor event.
low maintenance
It's light and easy to use. I don't wear makeup regularly so this product is great for providing quick, no fuss, minimal coverage with a busy schedule. When the weather is dry I do have to use a heavier moisturizer though.
This is amazing for my face. Just put it on and walk out. It covers every blemish and your face is perfect. I recommend this product
This BB Cream is so nice for my skin and I use it daily. It covers very well and it doesn't nead any primer it's also moisturizing. I do recommend it.
i love the natural feel of this product, and coverage it provides feels like you're not wearing anything on.

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