4.6 5 0 127 127 Dissolves makeup, even waterproof mascara, cleanses skin, eyes and lips without rubbing or rinsing.
Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water All-In-1 Cleansing Water Waterproof Make-Up Dissolver
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Fantastic micellar water at a bargain price
I've used Bioderma and I honestly feel like this works the same way. I like the pink version for sensitive skin. And it's a lot cheaper than Bioderma! It lasts a decent while and I just apply to a cotton round and use it on my skin to take off makeup. Even without makeup it also catches grime so it's such a good step in my skincare routine.
Works great!
Love this stuff! I use it every day to take off my makeup and it works amazing!
Pretty Good
Great for removing makeup but I wish it wasn't so hard to wash it all off my face. Leaves a bit of residue. Despite that it's pretty solid
works well
it takes out make up really well especially waterpoof mascara and i am impressed by product. this was my first time trying micellar water
Leaves a residue on my skin
I regularly use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for All Skin Types (the pink bottle) and love it, so I was excited to try the waterproof makeup version. Unfortunately, it left my skin feeling greasy, so much so that I had to use facial wash to get rid of it, which kind of defeats the purpose of micellar water.
Best makeup remover hands down
I love this makeup remover, it works away at thick mascara and leaves the skin feeling smooth. It has never caused a reaction or breakout in my sensitive skin so I will continue to use it as part of my skin routine!!
Effective, fresh feeling
I barely wear make-up and when I do its only a thin layer of foundation, but I use this in the evening whether I'm wearing foundation or not. Feels fresh and clean, and when I do wear foundation it takes it off really easily.
Good price
This stuff is a good price and it works really well nicely on skin and doesn’t make me feel tight and Itchy after
Love this stuff!
This stuff is great because I only wear water proof mascara and it removes it so well! Its also a great price. I always wash my skin afterwards, and have never had any issues with this product breaking me out. I have used this for years and will continue using it.
best make up remover
this is my go to makeup remover and it works very well to take off everything, including waterproof mascara. very gentle too, i just soak a cotton pad and press it on my eye for a bit then wipe it off.
Surprisingly good
I love wearing waterproof makeup so they stay put for the day. But it could be hard to remove sometimes. This really works! I was always using the expensive brands of makeup remover but it was money down the drain. This works just like any other big brand.
When your too tired to double cleanse this is a good choice because it does the job it claims.
I don't get the hype
Believe me, I wish this stuff worked. Yet i always find that it takes more pads to remove, and never FULLY removes my washable mascara/eyeliner. There is always some residue left.
I bought it mainly to help me get my mascara off as I found that was always the hardest to remove. I was blown away by how well it worked and how little rubbing it took to get my mascara off!
Love this
It takes everything off within a few wipes. It’s a great product , and it cleans your skin just right . I do recommend this product to anyone who’s changing their makeup remover brand .

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