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Gerber® Graduates® Cereal Twists
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Both of my kids have really enjoyed these. I find they are great for popping into the diaper bag or my purse, that way if we are out and the munchkins get hungry we are set!
Great finger food for toddlers!!! My litttle one likes the brocolli flavor. Helps comforting gums in teething.
My kids like this product. They are always asking for them. Great on the go.
These were a favorite with my 2 boys. They loved all the different flavors.
my son use to eat these all the time when he was a toddler, he loved them
My son did not like these at all. I was hard pressed just to get him to finish the one I gave him. He was not impressed.
My 1 1/2 year old son really loved these! They are a good size for small children and there was no choking.The flavour was good as well
my daughter loved these. great little snacks--something like a nutrigrain bar
My little one just ripped these appart and would not eat it. she took one bite and then just played with it.
My kids love these! The are dry and a bit messy, but they taste great.
When my daughter was younger we bought these all the time. they are great. Love that they are individually wrapped so you can always throw a couple in your diaper bag. Its a delicious and nutritious treat.
My daughter Loved these cereal twists, but got sick of them rather quickly and never ate them again. They can also be fairly dry, so make sure your child has water or something.
My son eats these and loves them. they are easy for him to eat with only a few teeth and the taste is great
My kids love these. I like the fact that they have yogurt and no artificial flavours or colours.
My son absolutely loved these. He could not stop eating them.

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