4.3 5 0 107 107 Freeze-dried whipped yogurt and fruit snacks, made with real yogurt and fruit
Gerber® Graduates® Yogurt Melts™
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Awesome product
My kids love this and I was shocked that it melts in your mouth and my kids ask to give more and really it tastes like yogurt
kids love these
I was amazed at how quick they disappeared because my kids loved them that much. My daughter said "mom we need more". So I went to the store the next day and bought a few more packs, but they just can't get enough of these. These snacks are good at any age.
So good!
My kids can demolish a bag of these in minutes! They melt in your mouth! My husband and I sneak a few too - they are that good! This is a total snack win on road trip and after school.
Bon au goût mais...
J'ai acheté ce produit pour mon bébé, c'est bon au goût mais ça ne reste pas bon longtemps. Aussi, lorsque je lui donne quelques chose à manger surtout dans ce genre de nourriture c'est pour couper ca faim entre les repas ou comme collation. Malheureusement j'aurais pu lui en données pendant des heures pour le satisfaire. Je ne recommande pas ce produit.
Wasnt a fan
My niece actually wasn’t much of a fan of these. I’m not sure why but she just didn’t like them. Worth trying because every kid is different. So who knows yours might like them!
When we started feeding solids to our daughter, she favoured berries. So when I found these berry yogurt melts, we had to try them and I wasn’t handing them over to her fast enough. She loved these. I had a couple myself too and they are really good. Very slim choking hazards as they melt in your mouth or of like cotton candy ... without the sugar. I bought so many of these and they have a couple different flavours
Weird Texture
I attempted to give these to my son. He was not a fan. So I tried them out myself. Weird texture and weird taste... Not sure what improvements could be made - will just avoid in the future.
My kids love them
My 3 oldest kids tried these and absolutely loved them...they are a great on the go snack as well!
A favorite for little ones
These are awesome when ur little one is young easy to pick up. My guy loved all the flavors Were my sons favorite snack
Taste delicious and melt in your mouth.
My daughter absolutely loves these! She gets excited as soon as she sees the bag and I definitely can understand why. The taste is great and they really do melt in your mouth which is perfect for little ones with very little teeth. Also they are not too sweet at all which is a bonus.
These little yogurt melts are the tastiest little things Have had in a long time. My toddlers can literally eat a whole bag in one sitting if I let them. They are a delicious snack.
Gerber® Graduates® Yogurt Melts™
My toddler loves to have these as healthy snack. They are a quick and easy snack to take on our many adventures.
These are an easy snack for my toddler. I like that they have yogurt in them and they aren’t messy. Very portable. We continually buy these and other flavours.
My child loves this . He really enjoys eating this as a great snack . I find this healthy for him to eat .
My daughter loved these yogurt melts as a snack all the time. She is 2 and still eats them. Very easy to eat and not messy like actual yogurt.

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