4.4 5 0 64 64 New kitchen recycling bags that neutralize odours. 30 tall bags.
Glad Anti-Odours Recycling Kitchen Catchers Bags
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Great concept
I really like the drawstring that is added to this bag. This is very convenient and great for tying the bags closed.
These bags are durable and stretchable so to fill items making it less likely to tear. The drawstrings makes it simple to tie up the bag and to carry out. The bags are clear so you can see what’s in it.
Garbage bags best
These are the best bags, (tall size) can hold lots, and love the drawstring, so easy to tie up and then to carry outside.
I love the glad tall bags, they smell great and hold up very well to rips and tears
Love these bags but I wish they weren't so expensive. Theyre convenient and strong and I love being able to put my recycling in an identifiable bag.
Really love these Glad bags and other Glad products. I have one complaint ... Please don't put Fabreeze in your products. They stink and many people including my family have allergies.
free sample glad anti odours recycrling kicthen catchers bags
Great bags, Hold a lot, are tough, and really mask odours
The Glad brands are always more expensive than other brands. But it saves you time and money. And it smells great too!
Handles are VERY convenient as to grabbing a bag by the top and catching grime on your hands or the bag breaking. These bags are also noticably stronger than most!
I use these bags for our tall kitchen garbage can. I like the strong handles because when our can is full, it is quite heavy. I like that it doesn't leak either. It holds the liquid pretty well as well as the smells!
Easy to use, do not get stuck in the box. fresh sent
Anti-odours was just OK, paying more for this product is not worth it.
Glad Anti-Odors Kitchen Catcher Bags are strong and durable. It has a mild smell to them.
The size is perfect for under kitchen sink, tall enough that the bag doesn't shrink into oblivion, the scent is nice especially now during the warmer months

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