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Glad Drawstring Kitchen Catchers Regular Bags
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I am a big fan
I love using game for my laundry and now that it is in my garbage bags I am in life. It makes almost change in the garbage enjoyable if that is possible. It masks and you smell and makes my job much easier.
Ok mais
Bonne taille , résistant par contre l’odeur de poubelle mélanger avec du parfum c’est pas top ! Pour moi je ne vois pas l’utilité de payer 2$ plus cher pour des sacs parfumés.
Actually perferr these over any other product they are very strong and don't tear like those other brands
Kitchen Bags
When I go grocery shopping, I usually almost always buy these kitchen bags. I really like them because they hold a lot of garage in them, they do not rip/tear easily and they have a string handle which makes it easy to carry & tie up when it's full.
Regular buy
My favourite and only brand of garbage bag I will ever try. Works wonderful
Love the ties
Love the ties. Makes it so much easier to tie and lock all the garbage in. They are strong and fit easily in my garbage can. I find they also protect against pests and birds trying to get in.
Glad garbage bags
Very good product love how great it ties up compared to others ones I’ve used in the passed
A bit tougher than a shopping bag
These fit my bin almost exactly. No wasted space or overlapping bags at the top. You can tear them but they will take some abuse. They are pricy though so will only buy when on sale.
These bags are the best. They smell so good and definitely neutralize odours very well.
Really holds garbage weight well while giving a great scent. Would recommend.
I buy these from time to time, nice strong bags and easy to tie strings, and they smell great.
I buy theses bags all the time, they smell very good and even when full they still keep there smell. They are also a strong bag, which is important to me. I keep my garbage under the sink and u would never smell bad garbage under there. I would most definitely recommend them to a friend. they are the best.
These bags are great, so great that sometimes I open it up and can't stop smelling it before I put the garbage in. I love the fresh scent that it has and maintains, even over a week of use the smell is still neutralized.
Strong garbage bag and drawstring handles, it also lock's the oder of trash and releases a great scent. It fits in almost any garbage can, I would highly recommend this to anyone.
These are the perfect size for our kitchen garbage can. Strong enough to handle our 11 year old taking it the curb and the drawstring keeps it closed when he empties it! The scent is strong enough to minimize my sons complaints of smelly garbage but light enough that it doesn't gag you while you're in the room with you. They are great

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