4.5 5 0 118 118 Glad® press’n seal® wrap provides your food air tight, leak proof protection while preventing spills.
Glad Press’n Seal Multipurpose Sealing Wrap
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I use this thing for EVERYTHING! It's great and really does seal it in without leaving any sticky residue. I like to use this for portioning my meats and it does not leak at all! It's amazing!!
Use It For Everything!!
I use this for preventing freezer burn on my ready to serve meals. Works perfectly!!Only wrap you'll need!!
Nothing compares!
Once you try this, you will never go back to regular cling film again. Amazing product. Product doesnt store well for long periods or at high altitudes.
Works really well!
The "Press'n Seal" works a lot better than regular cling wrap. For one thing it doesn't fold in on itself making it hard to use. It also works better on most containers than cling wrap.
Always buy
I buy this exact brand everytime. It always does the job
4 stars
Found easy to use great for all the many ways to use it for
works well
Press'n seal works well to seal things and keep them sealed which regular plastic wrap doesn't always do
Sealed it
Wrapped up a piece of cake after a party and it held the whole way home. I loved that no matter how stumbly we were it held onto my cake. I think the product was made great. I would definitely recommend this product
Love this product
Great product for the price! Stays sealed when you press it. I use this for baking, cooking, and leftovers. Works well over glass bowls. I have a big box of this. Easy to use and detaches easily.
Press and It Seals
I love this product. It is easy to use and is great for sealing food that you are storing in a bowl, etc. that does not have a lid.
Je trouve ce produit très pratique pour couvrir les contenant qui contiennent du liquide. Cependant le côté adhérant ne colle pas bien sur tous les types de surface/ bol. De façon générale j’apprécie quand même ce produit .
This is great for hair salon use! To regular and bake the hair to the correct temperature for the colour to take.
My favorite
LOVE THIS! The only wrap we buy in our house. It is so easy and convenient, and works so well.
Press n Seal
We love this product...it's the only one my husband wants me to buy. I do wish it was still available @ Costco as we do have a hard time finder a large box
This is the only sealing product I use now. I love how it clings on to the bowls etc. I wouldn’t do without it ever!

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