4.6 5 0 78 78 Regular easy-tie recycling bags 65.1cm x 8.2cm / 25.62in x 32.5in.
GLAD Regular Easy Tie Recycling Bags
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These are easy to tie, no searching for twist ties, and can handle being over-stuffed on recycling day. Very strong and dependable.
sac poubelle à noeud facile
pratique, résistant et facile à nouer avec ou sans gants
Glad recycling bags
Can never go wrong by buying Glad bags. They never disappoint. Strong and durable even when pushed to the limits with heavy items. Would recommend
Very handy
These are great for sorting out recycling, especially as our Blue Box is too small to hold everything for the week. These are fairly heavy-grade plastic compared to some other types, so they don't rip if there is cans or glass in them.
Ce sont ces sacs la que j utilise je les aiment beaucoup;
I like how this has easy tie bag. It is durable and has great quality.
Glad font des très bon sachets que j'aime utilisé pour la qualité et aussi parce-qu'ils sont recyclable.
I like this product because it helps people know which bag is recycling and which one is garbage. They are strong and hold all of our recycling until we are ready to take it outside. I definitely recommend these bags.
Love these they are strong never had them tear! Glad is my favorite brand for bags!
I have bought other blue bags for my recycling. BIG MISTAKE. These ones hold up the best! We deliver newspapers and they never rip even when we fill them up with heavy papers. We'll never buy another brand!
Really good bagels that are hard to rip just wish they would make a bigger size
These bags are perfect. Easy and hassle free. I buy them all the time.
I always purchase these blue bags as they do not easily tear and you can fit a good amount of recyclables into each one!
These are good quality bags, perfect for containing a variety of recycling items such as paper, returnable beverage containers, etc. The handles make it easy to close and to dispose of.
I find this product is perfect for what I need. It's durable and convenient.

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