4.6 5 0 78 78 Regular easy-tie recycling bags 65.1cm x 8.2cm / 25.62in x 32.5in.
GLAD Regular Easy Tie Recycling Bags
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I found these recycling bags work great. I could tie them no problem too. I would definitely recommend them. I hope if you try them they work for you too.
I have tried this product. I find that they are very easy to tie.
Great Bag, very Tough as well. For all your trash needs, Nothing beats Glad Bags
Only bags that I use and only ones that I will use. Probably because these are the bags my parents used as well. Great garbage bags, they do the job well.
This is my go to for recycling bags. They can take quite a load before they tear.
love the bag. I use them instead of blue boxes for pick up. I also use them to store some of my luggage pieces so they do not get dusty in the closets.
These are the only recycle bags that I use! I have been using them for years now and I have no complaints, they are tough hold a lot of plastics and don't blow away in the wind on garbage day like plastics tend to when they are in the box.
Je les aime beaucoup, très résistant et bonne odeur.
i have tried the glad easy to tie bags, and i have use them ever since. (the easy to tie handles are super)!
Ces sacs sont le summum des sacs que j'ai utilisé pour mettre là récupération de la déchiqueteuse. Facile à refermer et à nouer et surtout solide.
durable and strong bag is worth using by far as it is a must upon my shopping lists !
I have used these bag for the last 2 weeks. They have been good, I normally use No Name Brand recycling bags. I have not seen much of a difference in the 2 products. Nothing the justify the price difference.
Living in an area that has several people putting out recycling boxes, I never have to worry about going back out to get mine, or find out it's been taken. these bags are easy and convenient.
Love these easy tie bags!!! I recommend them all the time!!!
I buy these regularly, they work well, are strong and tie up nicely

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