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Glad® with ODOUR GUARD®
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Résistant et sans odeur
Ces sacs sont très résistants et je ne crains pas que le fond s'ouvre à chaque fois que je retire le sac de ma poubelle. De plus, il empêche que les odeurs soient trop désagréables et que l'on soit obligé de retirer le sac à moitié plein. Bon rapport qualité/prix. Je vous les recommande.
Excellent Product
This is a great product. The bags are strong and I never worry about them ripping, even when you fill them right up. I also don’t have such a problem with stinky garbage with these. They make the garbage chore so much easier.
Strong bags
They are strong bags, they don't rip easily, and they are a reasonable price, which is a big bonus!
Glad makes the best garbage bags, hands down. They lock in scent and keep the "liquids" that sometimes happen with decaying matter to a minimum. However, my household could do without the additional scent due to allergies.
I cannot say enough about needing strong bags. There are no leaks with this brand and they tie like a charm.
I love how these control the odor in my kitchen garbage can. When I don't use them, I can really notice the difference.
We use these bags for recycling all the time. They're great, although I do wish they were slightly thicker just because cardboard box corners can tear through the plastic a little. They stand up well otherwise though.
I have tried these. I find them great and works for bad odor too.
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Wonderful idea odour guard. Love this product, would keep buying them.
These bags are pretty good at covering some nasty smells. If something particularly yucky goes in the trash, I just tie it off and the smell just disappears.
I use these bags and love them. The scent is not overpowering and stays for days after being replaced. Great product!
I find the odour guard scent to very effective at disguising trash smells. I now purchase these regularly.
I like these bags, they have a very nice scent. Works very well in masking garbage odors and lasts a long time. Would buy again with a coupon.
Great product to use and it does keep the odour a away.

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