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Glad® with ODOUR GUARD®
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These are great, such a small change to a simple product that makes a great difference. I remember buying these by accident, and I had used the bag to store some clothes in my backpack. When i opened the bag, I thought that I must have spilled some cologne in there or something, because it smelled great!
I love this. No more smelly garbage. I buy nothing but this.
They smell great. A little expensive, only buy when I have a coupon. Love them for chaning cat litter.
received a trial bag in the mail when product first launched. very durable and smell preventing.
Great bags, smell is strong, but good to mask garbage odours. Use them always.
these bags are horrendous, they produce such a vomit smell it is unreal, can glad contact me and produce something that does not smell any guard. DDO qc.
I love the fresh smell when I put a new bag in and it really helps mask any nasty garbage odor. Really love this product.
I like these bags they get rid of ever odour in my garbage I buy again
Love the Odor Guard; especially the ones with Febreeze. Helps mask stinky kitchen odors.
Great product. I use these all the time.
I LOVE THEM They are nice and strong and easy to take out to the trash
I tried these when they were on sale and I had a coupon and they are great garbage bags with a clean scent. I was surprised it made a difference. Very disappointed that there are cheaper alternatives.
Bought these for my composte garbabe in the house, love them!!!
These bags do make a difference!!! I would give them a Thumbs UP!!!Please add your comments about Glad with ODOUR GUARD here.
These are a favorite of mine. These bags work wonderfully for all my recyclables.

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