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Glad® with ODOUR GUARD®
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These are great bags, that stand up to many items...they`re strong and durable.
This is a great product. It masks the smell of my garbage.
my mother purchased these and without noticing i thought i had grabbed a kitty litter scented liner instead of a garbage bag... they smell great, have a fantastic stretch factor (i hate when bags rip open on you) and are just perfect for a busy kitchen.
I tried these when on sale and I had a coupon, they do work but there are much cheaper alternatives.
this is my regular brand. fresh smelling, strong . All that and they smell fresh without being overpowering.
I use them all the time never foodsmells in my kitchen. The smell stay`s were it belongs in the bags, special in the hot summerday`s
I love my glad odour guard bags! Under my kitchen cupboard never smells of food anymore!! I stocked up when I got some coupons a couple weeks ago!
thank you glad for making another great product for my family to use and enjoy keep up the great work
i would like to try this item because i have tried other brands that supposedly kills odor however it does not last much longer than removing the bag from the box and the fresh scent disappears. i guess i did not purchase the correct brand.
Have never tried, but would love a sample... Glad products are always good!
had glad but not with ODour guard but would like to try them
I love these bags. Bought the ones with lavender febreeze for the bathroom garbage.
i can`t use them as we have to use certain bags, but my brother does and I think they work pretty well.
I have not used this yet, but I thought that all Glad garbage bags came that way
Haven`t tried these yet but the summer months would be a perfect opportunity. With garbage pick up only once a week and it sitting in the heat it can start to smell up our garage. This would be perfect!

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