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Glade Apple & Cinnamon Candle
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smell of fall
i absolutely LOVE anything apple cinnamon and glade really delivered with this candle! the smell is perfect and reminds me of fall. i would definitely reccomend this candle in this or any other scent as well
I love this product, when I walk into my home it smells like home, and in bakery. This product is affordable, and last long. I have found it all grocery stores and malls. Overall I really like this product.
ery Glad about Glade
Of all the candles I've purchased via Amazon, Glade is definitely the best value. The scent is pleasant, good throw, permeating a large area. The scent begins with lots of jasmine, eventually settling down to a rose, violet, sandalwood, musk and just a hint of citrus. Decent burn, however, given its diameter and height, the candle would probably have better burn as a 2-wick candle. I'm so pleased with Glade candles that I will be purchasing more soon. Many thanx to Amazon warehouse packers who so well-wrapped/packaged both this candle and other glass holder candles I purchased that the candles made the 9,200 km trip from Amazon's door to mine in perfect condition, with no cracks, chips, shatters or breakage.
Such a wonderful candle.
I am a pretty big candle snob and this one lived up to my expectations. Not only did it crave a great ambiance in my room but it provided a fantastic smell that warmed up the room.
The perfect year round scent
How can you go wrong with Apple Cinnamon. I love this scent in my house. The scent is strong but not overpowering. I will repurchase for sure and recommend for anyone looking to freshen up their space!
Fall in love
The perfect fall scent. I love the apple cinnamon smell. Makes my house smell fantastic. It's absolutely delicious and not over powering. I would definitely recommend
Lasts long
Good product. I find that it last longer than those I get at dollarama , and smells way better too .
i love apple and cinnamon fragrance.. its lovely and soooo refreshing!!! I am definitely getting more of these
Apple cinnamon
I love glade products. They are very affordable and sold at most of the places I do my shopping at anyways. The Apple cinnamon is probably my favourite smell from the candles. Definitely recommend
Best candle
I buy these candles all the time and this one is my fave scent. It quickly fills the air yet it burns fairly slow making it last. Def recommend!
good candle!
Bought this candle last fall as part of my fall decor - even without lighting it, it gives off a nice scent and the colour looks pretty!
Strong Candle, overwhelming smell
This candle does a good job of filling a whole room with fragrance and what you first light it has a pleasant apple cinnamon scent. When it burns for longer than an hour I find the fragrance begins to smell very synthetic and overwhelming though. My solution has just been to blow it out after about 45 minutes.
Good quality Brand & Products...
I love this Brand and their products. Glade has always been a go-to for household air freshening products. I honestly just don’t love this particular scent. My mom is obsessed with it, and my husband likes it, so I end up burning these candles in my home quite often. I’m just not a big fan. They seem to burn down pretty quick too...
Bath time candle
The scent is absolutely amazing, apple and cinnamon is my all time favourite candle 😍
Loved it
I find these candles to smell better and last just as long as an expensive brand.

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