3.7 5 0 141 141 Glade® Automatic Room Spray Holder has a soft, clean design and provides up to 60 days of continuous fragrance - automatically! You can choose a setting or press the `boost` button for an extra burst of Glade® freshness whenever you`d like.
Glade Automatic Room Spray Clean Linen
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It leaves a chemically smell/mist. It always goes off when Im close and I breath the crap in.
Handy and moveable!
We have the glade plug-ins at work wherever there is an outlet but these little devices are great because they can go anywhere. It does not matter if there is a plug and can be moved into arears that need temporary "help".
Not over powering
This smells amazing! It’s clean and isn’t to strong
Great for occasions
We love using this in our powder room for occasions such as parties or dinners. It helps the keep the room smelling fresh with high traffic. It can be a bit overpowering on the medium toggle, so we put it on the lowest toggle.
Mist (mixed) feelings
I have to say I love the automatic spayer for in a bathroom setting. The fresh linen scent refill was waaaay too strong and left me sneezing. I originally had it in my living room but the sound was actually making myself, my guest and my cats jump. I have since moved it to my bathroom (with a new scent) and it’s perfect there as you cannot hear it unless your in there. I also appreciate that you can select how often it sprays. I still do have mixed feelings about it still. However, If the “psst” could be quieter and the scents weren’t so concentrated I’d give it 5 stars.
Not for me
I find the scent of the product too strong and fake and most importantly, my cats hate it! If you have pets, please be prepared that they might not like this!
Amazing product! Always on my list when i shop! Its theee best
This is amazing! Once you get used to the "psstt" sound it makes then its really quite something. Its perfect next to a litter box. I totally recommend!
I love the automatic release function so I don't have to spray my room very often. Very smart design and not strong smell as well.
I got a coupon for this product and went and got it and love it. The smell is not overpowering and so I went and got another one and it was put in my mans work truck! He has the cleanest smelling work truck out of all the guys absolutely amazing!!
I love the scent of the clean linen spray I find a lot of the sprays overpowering for me but this one is really nice and clean smelling I even bought the can of spray because I loved it so much
I like this product. I found it strong in a small area so i moved it to a hallway and the scent is sprayed well enough that I can smell it in a few rooms. nice clean scent
The Clean Linen is such a nice scent , not too strong , just leaves a nice clean smell , love it in my bathrooms
This product is great for washrooms, living room, and bedrooms, and areas where your cat litter may be. It eliminates the bad odors around the house automatically and keeps it smelling clean and fresh. Also, it has a button that you can press whenever you want the gadget to spray which I think is very convenient. Recommended for all house owners that has pets.
Love this product, I have one running all the time

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