3.7 5 0 141 141 Glade® Automatic Room Spray Holder has a soft, clean design and provides up to 60 days of continuous fragrance - automatically! You can choose a setting or press the `boost` button for an extra burst of Glade® freshness whenever you`d like.
Glade Automatic Room Spray Clean Linen
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Smells great and not too strong
Perfect! Need I say more?Clean Linen is one of our favorite scents and the automatic room spray is awesome. No more cans to search for, when in need of a spritz.
Smells great and love the fact I don`t have to think about it, it`s automatic. The only downside is the scent doesn`t last long enough.
Long lasting smell. I bought it with coupon and i have no regret.
I enjoy this product because it sprays automatically and refreshes the room even when you are not around to do it. It works great as an extra freshener in places where I don`t have my Scentsy warmers.
I can comment on how they work in terms of smell... yes they smell great as do many other candles, sprays and air fresheners, but they are pure toxic, chemicals you are putting in the air with your kids. I was an avid tester of stuff like this in the past but honestly, after having children you start to see things differently. It is just not worth it to me. I want something safe and non toxic for my family
Love this. Used a coupon to try this to see if I would like it and I love it. It adds the perfect amount of scent to the room, and I don`t have to think about spraying it. It`s automatic and it`s not too strong, not overpowering. Wonderful product!!
I love that I can continually have a fesh smelling home without thinking about it.
This product is a must for your household. Make household smell great and all you have to do is replace the scent every 60 days
favourite scent- i use it in the laundry room and closets to keep everything smelling freshly cleaned!
I can not have enough of these spray units...its keeping up with the refills thats hard lolbut I manage thanks to couponing~~
Love these and the coupons, buy refill get the kit for free, have one in all the important rooms in my house, and going to get more.
i have tried glade linen room spray.I love the fresh,long lasting smell.will buy this again
love these.i love the fact I don`t have to walk around my house with a spray can
Great idea - I had it in the bathroom and it had a very pleasant non-aggressive smell.

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