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Glade PlugIns Car Starter + Refill Hawaiian Breeze
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Just good
This glade product was very easy to use , its easily placed in the cigarette hole in the car. What i dont like about it the Hawaiian breeze scent because its cause dizziness due to the smell.
Didn’t last long
I won’t buy this again, it worked but the product didn’t last long
Great product
Overall I liked this product! I like the unit it fills your car with a great amount of fragrance. And you can adjust it as necessary. I just didn’t like this specific scent.
Love this gadget
I love this product. The smell has multi levels pending on size of vehicle or sensitivity of the person. It lasts awhile. It’s a great purchase
It does the job
Nice light and breezy scent. It didn't seem to last 2 months as it says. Maybe I just got used to it. I wouldn't use it again though because the way my car is configured, it interfered with my cup holders and gear shift.
delicious smell!
i tried this product and while i'm not one for the smell of air fresheners, this product was long-lasting and the scent was great (did not smell like your typical freshener)
nice scent
makes the car smell wonderful but it is not over powering
Sent très bon!
J'ai acheté branché Glade pour auto et ça sent très bon. Facile à installer et ça sent très bon et près d'un mois. Plusieurs fragrances. Je l'adore. Je vous les recommande fortement. Tu branches et c'est tout.
Sincèrement cette plug pour la voiture est géniale. Tu mets l'odeur que tu désires dedans et c'est parfait!
love, love, love
It leaves a nice fresh smell all over the car. in the morning, it is so refreshing when you enter your car.
I love the freshing smell/scent
My husband uses this in his car. Smells good and refreshing.i always comment particularly about the lovely smell if this brand each time I ride in his car, because he uses other brands too.
Sweet sunshine
Having recently purchased a car in the middle of winter, having the smell of sweet sunshine surround you while stuck in snowy traffic makes grey days so much lighter.
Peut être je m'attendais a trop de ce produit, la prise pour le mettre dans ma voiture est basse, donc le produit ne sent pas beaucoup. Je m'attendais a un meilleur résultat que les autres produits que tu branche dans les trappes de ventilation.
Very calmy scent
I bought this product for my husband. He likes the scent and less expensive compare to his previous item.
I love these things! Although I wish there were more options for scent, the ones I've tried are pretty good. They seem to last quite awhile, even after the liquid is empty.

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