Glade® Ultra Rainshower®

4.7 5 0 173 173 Glade® Ultra is both compact and convenient - one spray of this concentrated formula is all you need to rejuvenate any room of your home.
Glade® Ultra Rainshower®


glade ultra
Petit flacon facilement transportable idéal pour l'auto ou les endroits publiques, dégage en un seul jet une agréable fragrance qui est tout de même très concentrée. Un plus dans mon sac a main pour lutter contre les mauvaises odeurs.
My fav
This little spray bottle give a lot of punch in one small spray. This scent is my all time favorite.
Potent stuff!
These little air fresheners are awesome! This stuff is so concentrated that a little goes A LONG way! I use this stuff in my car to cover the smell of cigarettes as well and it seems to work really well but they have a number of different scents this stuff is one of my favorites by far and the apple cinnamon. For the price of this stuff it's absolutely worth it.
Great in car
Have tried this product in my car and it is a really concentrated air freshener but find the scent doesn't last very long. Being a smoker I thought it would last a bit longer than it does!
A really great spray for small spaces!
I love this concentrated fresh air spray, it's powerful and effective. The scent lasts a reasonable amount of time and doesn't leave any residue. I use these in the car and at home, they are a convenient size for travelling too!
Scent doesn't last long
These are okay, the scent doesn't last long and these are still expensive when you consider what it is. It works in a pinch, and the travel size will fit easily into your glove compartment or purse... just expect to use it all by your fourth grocery trip.
Great product
Compact size, pleasant smell Nice to be able to toss in travel bag
Great freshner
I keep this spray in my car for a quick spritz before I get in. Makes my drive smell great.
Small items
It’s perfect when you are out . Have used the bathroom u can spray and leave a nice scent .
Very convenient!
Air freshener on the go, great purse size, I always have one on me. Just one spray fills the room with a nice scent and it’s not overpowering. Glade all the way, easy on the nose for those of us with sensitivities and allergies.
Amazing product, with just one spray it fills the whole room with a the perfect scent!
I tend to use these in my car when I'm out of the vet one
Great product! Strong scent for small and large rooms one spray goes a long way! I love how it leaves the room smelling fresh and clean. I would definitely recommend to family and friends
I’m very refreshing scent
To meet smells like fresh rain. It is very invigorating and refreshing and one little spray is all you need to freshen up a room. It seems to cover many smells like my dog well and as long lasting
Fresh scent
Leaves a fresh smell for hours. Covers bad odors well.

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