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Godiva Chocolate Lava Cake Truffles
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only ok
I love chocolate but these were not worth the calories. The chocolate was just ok, but the filling was dry and crumbly. Yuck.
LOVE these chocolates, I can eat the whole bag in one sitting with a nice cup of tea.
These were quite nice but the texture of the filling seemed a little granular to me. Wouldn't stop me eating them again, though!
Godiva is a good chocolate brand. But Truffles not my big fan....but this is my own problem.
I bought a bag of the assorted Godiva Chocolates but my kids got to them before i did. the only flavors left over where Truffle and dark chocolate. BUT damn savored every bite. Amazing stuff! next time your buy a Godiva shop make sure to grab yourself a treat!
I love almost all truffles from Godiva shops however, these don't seem to be quite the same. At the price they sell their products, I tend to expect a lot from them.
For chocolate lovers out their mmmm melt in your mouth yummy
This is just not for me. I don't care for Lava Cake. Chocolate is awesome though..hehehe
Love these! They are so tasty and smooth! Will buy these for special days.
I bought a bunch of godiva truffles at Christmas.. and although a) I love godiva chocolates from the godiva store.. and b) this was the best of the flavors I tried .. I feel these just mediocre. The are better than typical confectionary chocolate but they are not the same thing as Godiva truffles bought from the shop.
I tried these about 2 months ago and thought they were absolutely delicious! The dark chocolate is not too bitter, and the filling is creamy, chocolatey goodness
Je ne connaît pas cette marque de chocolat aimerai avoir un échantillon svp merci
our family always celebrate holidays with Godiva chocolates. wouldn't mind trying these truffles!
j aime super gros les truffles,serais- ce possible de l avoir en échantillon
I would love to try these. They look absolutely delicious!

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