Gold Bond Moisturizing Foot Cream

4.7 5 0 44 44 Soften your feet with Gold Bond Moisturizing Foot Cream. It helps dry, rough and cracked feet and heels. Our formula delivers seven intensive moisturizers plus essential skin nurturing vitamins A, C and E. Designed for dry, rough and cracked heels, Gold Bond Moisturizing Foot Cream works to condition even the toughest skin. Used to help dry, rough and cracked feet and heels, to relieve dry skin, to soothe & soften feet, and to cool & revitalize feet.
Gold Bond Moisturizing Foot Cream


Best foot cream ever!
I was given a sample of the Gold Bond Foot cream by my diabetes team. I have dry skin and being diabetic means I have to look after my feet. Other creams left me with sticky feet and I had to wait for the cream to dry before putting on socks. The Gold Bond cream wasn't sticky or greasy. It also seemed to help my foot relax as I rubbed it in. I only needed to use it once a day, and I have not tried another foot cream that works as well. So the Gold Bond is my gold standard for foot care.
Solid product
Heavy moisturizer that doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. Great for extra dry skin and areas like feet.
This is good stuff
No strong Perfune smells or anything like that. It targets those area that need moisturizing and it works!
Très bon produit que j’utilise tout mes jours pour hydrater mes talons et pied assez sec. J’ai see talons un peu craqué et c’est le seul produit qui fonctionne pour moi. Je recommande fortement!
Works really well
Works just like the powder only sticks better. Loce it and use to prevent athletes foot
Along with regularly using a device to take off the rough skin on my feet I like to put Gold Bond, on my feet, after every shower. It keeps my feet nice and soft, and healthy. It is very important to have healthy feet.
No more cracked heels
This is the best, I put it on after a warm bath, put on light socks over, then let them sit, the next day noticed alot of the dried, cracked skin, was starting to soften up, best to use for as long as needed, for best results.
I have really dry cracked heels and after only a few days my heels looked amazing. Nice and smooth. I apply it every night before bed.
Pleasantly surprised
I was looking at higher priced foot creams when I came across this one and decided to try it since it is also a well know name. It's great and is mildly scented....not overpowering. I have very dry feet and it is soothing.
I put this on after every shower and when my feet are really dry if I use this product in my daily routine then within 2 days they are all better
Works for a change
I purchased this item myself I actually really like it It’s works and is way more affordable than other foot creams. Smell is strong but pleasant.
Efficace pour les gens qui malheureusement sont au prise avec des problèmes d'odeur des pieds. Mon fils l'utilise tous les jours et cela lui permet d'avoir les pieds bien au sec, d'absorber la transpiration et ains n'avoir aucune odeur. Je vous le recommande fortement,
Great product for sore feet
I have used this product, and it really moist your feet after a day on your feet... however, it tends to dry very fast and sink into your skin not leaving the extra soft feeling.
Gold bondoisturizing foot cream
This is definitely one of the best moisturizing creams for your feet. It does exactly what it says it does on the back it heals badly cracked feet quicker than most other creams while not leaving any greasy feeling it soaks in and cools painful dry cracked feet perfectly!
Gold Bond - Not just for old people :)
My boyfriend and I use this cream religiously - We both wear work boots all day and they don't breath very well. This cream keeps our feet nice and soft and it smells so good!

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