4.4 5 0 132 132 5 s'mores cereal bars. Chocolate marshmallow flavour.
Golden Grahams Treats
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If you love the cereal you will love these bars!!!
Lunchbox Staple
My oldest daughter loves these for her school snacks. Yummy treat and usually on sale, which is a nice bonus!
A super yummy snack! Super bad for you but so tasty. Good to have on lunches for kids (or yourself) every so often as a treat. It’s a little bit expensive in my opinion. But most goodies are.
they are so good
Way too sweet, but so good. When $2/box we buy em for the household.
A favourite!
These granola bars are addictive, great for children or just to snack fast on something sweet! It’s really not that expensive & its totally a granola bar i recommend if you love smores!
These are great to keep in your house for whenever your craving something extra sweet. I do have to admit that they’re so good it’s hard to just have one! Obviously it’s not the healthiest of all things but a treat every once in a while can’t hurt!
I am so addicted to these, buy them all the time. I would recommend them
These are the best, perfect for rainy days when you're craving smores.
Definitely tasted like Golden Grahams! Kids loved them.
I tried these and fell in love with them. I tried hiding them from my kids but didn't work haha. They absolutely love them as well
Me and my family loved these bars. I picked them up along with a few other cereal bars to try and these were the favorite. I am a huge graham fan so I try every graham product I can find and these were amazing.
These are hands down the most addictive and most tasty granola bars on the market right now they are my favourite.
One of have to have lunch treats! Kids absolutely love these, and for products like this, they are my critics!
So delicious, probably not too good for you but they taste awesome
These are SO YUMMY! I buy when on sale and have trouble not eating the whole box in one sitting. I also have to share when the kids see them...definitely a treat bar!

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