4.1 5 0 99 99 Vanilla cupcake - baked with real vanilla extract, not artificial flavours or colours.
Goldfish Baked Graham Snacks
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Yummy, delicious snack that you can always come back to!
New pantry staple
My toddler absolutely loves these. They are not too sweet and don’t send him on a sugar high but he still feels like he has had a treat
Little treat
These are a perfect little treat for the kids and adults. They taste exactly like cupcakes without all the calories. If they came in a resealable bag that would make them a perfect take along snack.
Where’s the wow factor?
They were ok but I was a little disappointed that they were very plan tasting. I was expecting more flavour when I see something labeled vanilla cupcake. My daughter likes them otherwise I probably wouldn’t buy them for myself.
These taste absolutely amazing! They remind me of dunkaroos that I used to have as a kid. These are a must try! I’ve been buying them for years I just love them
only ok
I expected far more from this product than it delivered. The flavour was artificial and left an unpleasant after taste. I like that Goldfish is expanding its flavour profile into other types of cracker but this time it was a miss.
Not worth the money.
A lot like a cookie. On the sweet side. If you have a sweet tooth these are ok but the cost is a bit high for what you get. If you are looking for something sweet there are better options.
Sugar Snak
They are not bad .. Its good my kids love them . I like better the original fish
Bought for my niece's.
I actually bought these for when my nieces came over, but I ended up eating more than them. These are really addictive.
I love these because they are like little cookies, but are far better for you. They are really yummy and hard to stop eating. They are very sweet. They would still be excellent even if the sugar was cut back even more.
These are actually really tasty. The flavor is really good, lots of vanilla flavor! If you liked the regular Goldfish, you'll definitely like these! They do have quite a bit of sugar in them, so you need to really read the nutrition information.
It’s alright but didn’t wow me
It was weird having a cracker become a cookie. It wasn’t that enjoyable of a transition as it was too sweet and I didn’t enjoy the texture change. I will stick to the classic cheese ones
These are a great treat when you want a quick, sweet snack. I pack these in small containers and take to work for a quick afternoon snack.
I recently tried these ,always thought goldfish is a savory snack but something sweet and vanilla ,loving them.
I tried a package of these and was instantly addicted to them. Doesn't hurt that i like vanilla cupcakes. But typical taste and flavour and quality you expect from pepperridge. Highly recommend giving them a try.

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