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Green Giant Valley Selections Essentials Antioxid
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Un atout qui dépanne!
Ces légumes congelés Géant Vert sont pratiques à avoir sous la main, surtout pour les repas pressés. Les fleurons de brocolis sont généreux, mais les carottes sont un peu spongieuses. Aussi la mention "Antioxid" est complètement inutile.
Green Giant Italian blend
Good to add to a quick-meal stir fry. Used as a side dish but found it too soggy; actually worked better when thawed in refrigerator first then steamed.
these are great quick and easy side dish to go with dinner when you do not have fresh veg
Quick Easy Healthy
I first got these when they were on sale. I think they are great! the veg is always fresh and easy to prepare. They will get soggy if left to thaw.. Best quick boiled/steamed and tossed with your seasonings of choice after
Frozen Vegetables
I found the vegetable pieces to be quite small with not a lot of broccoli flowerettes, mainly stem pieces. I would like to see bigger pieces of all the vegetables.
definitely not the same texture as fresh veggies but a good alternative for lazy nights
Great Quality
This is definitely a product I like to keep on hand in the freezer. The taste is great and it is an easy side dish or stir fry addition. The broccoli is actual florets and not just stem pieces that make up many other brands of frozen vegetables.
Nothing special about this product....it is so similar to so many others
I really like Green Giant Products to begin with and purchase them all the time. And this new product just sealed that deal that I will continue to purchse there products in the future. Flavour is great and enjoy in a stir fry or just as a side with supper.
Good to use when you want a stir fry & your in a hurry
Really enjoyed Green Giant Valley Selections Essentials. Great variety and easy for quick dinners.
I tried them thinking they would be different from the others...and for me I will now stick to fresh as much as possible.
I have tried these , They are now one of our favorites. They taste good and cook up nice.I do not like my veggies soggy and these are not. price is good also
great and easy. i would recommend it to anyone who eats frozen vegetables
i love this product. It taste like it was homemade and its very filling!

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