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Green Giant Valley Selections Essentials Antioxid
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Delicious crunchy vegetables. Green Giant does it again. I do sometimes worry about where these frozen veggies come from-like China!
So easy to have surprise guests show up with this in the freezer.
Usually frozen veggies always taste frozen but I am impressed with Green Giant veggies . I just steam them or make a stir fry and my meal is done and done. No soft veggies, its prepares just the way I like...
A nice blend of veggies, healthy, great tasting and convenient for quick meal prep.
Love these. Saves so much time. Inolonger have to think about which vegies to use and to chop them up. Just open the freezer, open the bag, throw in the skillet with some fish or chicken and one-two-three I have a great meal
Had these with supper the other night, omg, so good. I actually ate 3/4 of the bag myself. My husband even like them which was amazing. Add a tablespoon of Italian dressing, brings out the taste even more.
These are great veggies. They are quick,easy, tasty and healthy. They are great for making a stir fry with or as a side. I always keep a few bags on hand in my freezer.
these are great and I keep a few on hand at all times
I loved this product. It was convenient, tasty, healthy, easy to prepare, and everything tasted fresh,
This is my go to frozen veggie that I keep on hand for when I need an easy side dish. Cook in a pan with a little EVOO and salt and pepper, delicious every time.
Always have a bag or two when run out of fresh veggies!
So convenient for busy weekday meals. The taste not bad at all.
We have at least 2 bags of these in our freezer at any given time. They are great for the evenings when you need to cook up something quick!
I keep these in my freezer constantly. They are one of the best tasting veg blends I have found.
Loved it ,and very convenient and easy to use

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