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Green Giant Valley Selections Essentials Antioxid
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Bought these and mixed them in to a Garlic Herbed rice, Loved it! I like the convenience of frozen veggies, and these ones cook up easily and taste great, will buy again!
Green Giant is a huge hit in my house. I used it all the time, my favorite is stir fry, yum yum
I liked th combination of veggies. I will be buying them again.
i love green giant vegetables! they always taste fresh. i love the convenience of the blend works great in stews, stir fry and just simply for a side dish. i truly reccomend this
All Green Giant veggies are great tasting. Even my children love them and perfer their veggies to canned or other frozen one! They always taste fresh and never freezer burnt or overly watery. We Love them and will continue to buy these veggies forever!!!!
They were good but if not cooked right can get pretty mushy.
I love these frozen vegetables, you can do so much with them. I use these ones in a stir fry and it is amazing.
Easy to cook and very tasty. I would buy them for sure again.
excellent for stir frys, homemade soups or alone.
I thought these were just as good as any other Green Giant frozen vegetables.
Love the green Giant valley selections! great mixes with all the right tastes and super easy to make
We have tried many frozen vegetables in our home. These were loved by all in the house which is hard to do considering none of the children are fans of veggies!
i ve tried them theres nothing specail about them
I have tried it and it is very delicious.
I have tried these veggies and love them. I microwave them so they retain their crispness and eat them either by themselves or in another dish. The new combos are a nice choice to have.

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