3.8 5 0 18 18 Eliminates tough grease and stuck on foods. No pre-rinse or scrubbing needed. 97% naturally derived.
Green Works Dishwasher Detergent
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Wow! This product is amazing. It is quite natural and it does it job very well.
I really want these to work well but they don't. I won't buy them again.
Love it! I like my dishes clean with a minimum of harm to the environment. GreenWorks is a hard working product that's not hard on your dishes!
I like green works products because they don't use harsh chemicals. This is important because of contact with skin for several minutes. I like the scent of it and how affordable it is.
I like that it is 97% naturally derived, but it didn't really work well on regular soiled dishes. It may work better on lightly soiled.
Ce n'est pas un mauvais produit mais il laisse des résidus sur les assiettes ou plats en plastique de marque Tupperware et comme j'ai 4 jeunes enfants notre vaisselle est presqu'exclusivement composé de ce matériel.
Looking for a good product that is safe for our septic tank
Unfortunately, this didn't do as good a job as the non-green detergents. Might be ok for lightly soiled dishes, but not for regular ones.
I found these never clean the dishes well at all in fact it still left food on the dishes. I like they are more enviromentaly safe but that about it never clean my dishes, i had to re wash them again
I found this product to wrok very well at removing dirt from the dishes, the dishes came out streak free. The price was better than most and I was was very pleased with the results.
I am always skeptical on how "green" product will work but this one actually did the job and left less soap residue than other brands I have tried. Pretty impressed and surprised by the results.
I use so many Green Works products. Being out in the country and on a septic system this is omportant to me! 97 % natuarllly derived ingredients.
I've used this in the past and thought it cleaned just as well as the other brands on the market. I'd buy it again if I could get the brand I usually use.
good quality product at the right price... as you paying for quality of the product... not a fancy name... my wife like it at the first try:)
These work amazingly!!!! I got these free from another website and was amazed at how good they work.

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