3.8 5 0 18 18 Eliminates tough grease and stuck on foods. No pre-rinse or scrubbing needed. 97% naturally derived.
Green Works Dishwasher Detergent
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très bon produits laves bien la vaisselle et a une très agréable odeur je le recommande .
All of their products are amazing the smell is wonderful they actually work. And they are safe that's the important thing
I lovvve dish washer packs. The convince and the speed is amazing when you see how awesome the results are.
I was looking forward to trying this product but their parent company unfortunately tests on animals.
I use the Green Works Glass and surface cleaner and all purpose cleaner the most of any cleaning products. I especially like the soft scent of the cleaning wipes. They claim that there are no harsh chemicals and that they are better for the environment and I appreciate that. I would love to the try their dishwasher detergent as well.
J'aimerais vraiment essayé ce produit que je ne connais absolument pas......... Merci
J'utilise présentement Cascade, mais je suis ouverte à essayer Green Works!!
I would love to try this product. I like the idea of being 97% naturally derived. Not sure about the cleaning power, but would try.
J'aimerais vraiment essayé ce produit que je ne connais absolument pas. Merci.
Je n'ai pas essayé ce produit, j'ai la crainte que ce qui est bio savonne moins , Il faudrait essayer !
Jaimerai bien lutiliser jai jamais acheter ka verite
I would love to try this product,I do love greenworks
I have not tried this product but would love to. I like to try different products that I haven't tried before. A coupon for this product would be a great idea!
Pick me to try this would love to give them a try it a try I use other tabs right now but would like to give this a chance
I have just bought some and have not tired it yet. This product is also good for the enviroment

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