4.5 5 0 35 35 Halls Energy & Sleep Lozenges are said to help maintain immune function with vitamin C. This product comprises: energy tropical flavoured day lozenges which are said to help support energy metabolism with vitamin B6 and vitamin B12; and sleep mixed berry flavoured night lozenges help to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and helps reset the body's sleep-wake cycle. It retails in a 21-ct. pack containing 14 day lozenges and seven night lozenges.
Halls Energy & Sleep Lozenges
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great product
Tried these - worked like a charm--well worth the purchase- and they taste very good- very fruity-so nice to beable to get a good nights sleep- when you are not feeling like your old self
Most intense cough drop I've ever had!
I find most cough drops to be kind of meh, like they barely improve things and are almost not worth the trouble. But these cough drops are quite a bit stronger and actually help my throat feel better. Not only that, but they are minty enough that they kind of open up my sinuses too. I don't think I'll ever buy another type of cough drop again.
Worked well
They helped me with my cold and itchy sore throat and they were a good relief for my cough. I really loved them because of the taste. I was very satisfied with them.
super efficace
Très efficace contre le mal de gorge et bon gout de fruits
Works great
I tried this product but was sceptical at first. I had tried many similar products without results. I was very pleasantly surprised. Both of these worked great. Had a good taste and very convenient in the same box.
Love it
I love these. Having them both in the same package is great so I’m covered all day. The taste of these is nice and not too cough syrupy. The work and give me relief .
Energy works well
The sleeping ones didn't work that well on me but I do recommend the energy ones. They're super effective and I think my rating on this product would be maybe a 2.5/5 but the energy one would be a 4/5
Halls Lozenges
I like the day time ones(Energy) but not the Night(Sleep) ones. I wish they had a pack with just the Daytime ones.
Love it
love this brand, they are really effective and tasty.
love the taste of these and the night time ones had me sleeping in no time. Have purchased this a few times already. Very satisfied with this product.
The energy portion helped but didn't realize much benefit from the sleep portion
Very helpful
It got a lot of variety in flavors and it help your itchy sore throat and provides relief from cough
Halls/4 pack
I love the four package. Buy it all the time, leave one in the kitchen, one on my bedside, one in my purse; they are handy & better price for four!
Halls energy and sleep
I thought this a different approach to getting energy and rest or just relaxing
Great taste
They help me with my cold and I like the taste of them and felt better

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