Halls Vitamin C Assorted Citrus Flavour

4.6 5 0 199 199 HALLS Vitamin C lozenges helps to maintain immune system. HALLS Vitamin C lozenges provide at least 100% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C per dose.  
Halls Vitamin C Assorted Citrus Flavour


Bon goût
Ce produit m'aide beaucoup à hydrater ma gorge lorsque j'ai la grippe et un mal de gorge qui ne veut pas partir. Bon goût comparé à d'autres produits similaires. Je recommande ce produit.
Halls.. You Count Bank On!
Having emphysema dry cough dry throat causes complications but these Halls give me comfort I can relax again and I even obtain my vitamin C! What more can u ask for relied on Halls for many years just keeps getting better!!
Love the fruity flavor, soothing on throat, easy to open packaging, popular brand, and it is at a good price point.
Lifesaver for sick family
I always purchase these when my family has a cold or sore throat. I love that it combines the relief of a cough candy, the soothing for your sore throat and has vitamin C a to fight the illness. Great products. Have been using Halls for over 20 years
love the taste
These are my go to in the winter, when my throat is dry and scratchy. Love the taste and it's not medicine aftertaste. It sooths my throat, yet I enjoy the taste
Best tasting halls
I really love the flavor of these halls. They do not cause the gut rot like the other flavors i have tried. I felt relief from coughing and it soothed my throat. I highly recommend these for anyone with sensitive stomachs
Pretty good
Delicious flavor! I’m not able to take halls since menthol make me sick but these one taste good but don’t work as good as halls or cepacol. If it could have the power of the cepacol but with this taste it wiuld be perfect
Un excellent goût
Il permet d' aider lors de la toux. Il aide m' aide à hydrater ma gorge lorsque je tousse trop.
Taste great!
These are my go-to for when I am sick. I'm not too fond of the flavour of regular Halls and I love that these have vitamin C in them. I recommend them if you do not like the menthol taste of the regular halls!
Best flavour
Of all the Halls flavours, this is by far the best tasting of them all. Not sure about the vitamin c aspect or if it’s equally effective as other flavours but it’s definitely more tolerable.
These are my favourite throat lozenges. I honestly get them for the flavour alone, the benefits are just an added plus for me haha. They taste so good that I pop em in my mouth throughout the day just as a tiny snack!
An absolute buy in our household. No struggles for my children. They enjoy these as the flavors are absolutely good. I need to hide them or they would leave all in one daym
Love them
These are the only Halls that I like & only buy. I don't care really for the other ones but these I go straight for every time & they really help with my sore throat.
nice citrus flavor
Love that it tasty citrusy but not sweet, and helped calm down my cough
Love the taste
I love these halls, great for a tickle in your throat and when your mouth is dry from a cough they do help

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