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Happy Planet Fresh All Natural Smoothies
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Best smoothie
This smoothies taste exactly as you make them at home. You can;t even tell the difference. It's full of nutrients and vitamins.
It's hard to get myself to eat breakfast in the morning, but these help. I prefer the fruit flavours but so far I haven't tried one that's bad.
I get these all the time they are thick and creamy u can really taste the flavours they are a little expensive 5 bucks at my store but it's a good treat would buy all the time if cheaper
I love the Happy Planet juices. This one and the lemonade are my all-time favorites!
I didn't like the green one but I did like the berry and the pineapple one. I would only buy the small ones now as I got a big green one and didn't use it. Expensive
Love their juices, not sweet at all and super healthy. Just wish they weren't so pricey.
These smoothies are the best. I just wish they were not so expensive. The extreme green is my favourite flavour and not too sweet tasting. I have not tried the chocolate banana one but it sounds amazing!
I have tried 3 different kinds and I love them all, they keep me wanting more!
I got a coupon to try this fruit smoothie for free.The only place we found it was Safeway.My husband would never switch to any other smoothie since then. And believe he tried other ones.He says this one tastes more real than any others and there is less water in it.Very satisfied!
Delicious! I`ve only tried one flavor, but it was avsolutley refreshing. Tastes excellent, great texture, and the packaging itself gives off a "home-grown" feel to it. I really do beleive that it contributes to a happy, healthy day.
Tried the chocolate banana and just loved it! The other ones are good too. Now I`m hooked and often have a bit of this each morning when I`m getting ready to start my day instead of coffee. So refreshing :)
loved it so fresh! I am happy to see different flavours
I love the happy planet juices they are healthy , great tasting and fairly affordable. There are quite a few great flavors and we are looking forward to trying them all
I can`t seem to find in my area. I would love to try, if I could ever locate them. Happy Planet Fresh All Natural Smoothies sounds yummy.
MMM, so delicious. I have had the mango and the green one. Very good and I felt that I was enjoying something very healthy for me. Happy Planet has soups too that are very good. I had the mushroom one and it was very gourmet tasting. Super easy to eat and drink on the go.

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