4.3 5 0 81 81 Premium tuna entree flavor.
Hartz Delectables Cat Treats
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Cat love them
My mother in laws cat loves temptations! He comes running every time you shake the bag! And the price point is really good and the bag lasts a long time! I for sure recommend buying
Better than wet food
I have 4 cats and they love this product. They like it better than canned wet food. I wish you could get bigger amounts and I wish they were in containers.
really great
Three of my cats love these. I always buy many bags. Wish the bags were a lot bigger.
my cats enjoy them very much and I have to hide the bag from them
my tootsie loves this product. when she hears me near the cupboard she comes running she knows that is where I store her treats. her teeth are good and her coat shiny. great job
This was an ok product. I found my cats didn't go crazy for them. . But weren't the worst either.
i bought this for my roomates cat a while ago, and she wont stop going back to the treat drawer for more. i woukd recommend this product
My niece's cat loved these treats😀.He meowed for more
My cat adooooores this treat !! He "shakes" in anticipation of getting this delectable tuna treat !!
My cats are always pawing at the cupboard trying to get at them. They turn their noses up at other brands.
my cat love love these they are her favorite treats she go nuts went you shake the bag
Cats couldn't get enough loved it,will be getting this again,I just shake the bag and they come running
My cat absolutely loves these treats. He is fussy about the types of treats. It is great to find these new tuna flavor.
My Nuggie especially loved the tuna ones :) I can't open a bag of ... anything now without her literally standing up my leg in the hopes it's the treats!
These are a hit in our house, our cat loves these, she typically wont come out of the room when people come over, and when we bring these out she comes running

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