4.6 5 0 68 68 With rich and creamy lather, Tea Tree + Mint Complex Dandruff 2in1 Shampoo nourishes hair with added moisture, while the cooling mint complex deeply purifies scalp of 94% of irritants.
Head & Shoulders Tea Tree + Mint Complex Shampoo
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great wash
The tea tree is great for waking up your scalp. Feels clean after, and your left with a pleasant smell.
Not for danduff
Don't really like this product. I find it strong 💪 and didn't like the smell. And would recommend a salon professional recommended shampoo for dandruff. I found it thick and didn't like the texture.
Soft hair
I use this as my second conditioner rinse as it leaves my hair soft and supple and feels smooth. It is also antidandruff and have a refreshing smell. Doesn’t feel like it leaves residuals either.
Head&Shoulders all the way for me!
This product is the best around for hair and scalp care, as far as I am concerned. It leaves the hair soft and flowing with a real feeling of clean. Can't do without it!
Really works
My husband got too much dandruff .i tried all home remedies it wasn’t worked than we went to physician . She proscribed head and shoulders. We got it and she was almost in a week my husband’s dandruff is gone nowreally works as it shows .
This shampoo makes my hair and scalp feel throughly cleaned, moisturized and healed. I do colour my hair often, and this does not ruin the colour, and even leave my scalp with an all day fresh feeling
Still a FAV product
Head and Shoulders has always been a go to product that never disappoints. Highly recommend!
Go to Shampoo
Honestly Head and Shoulders is my go to shampoo for Dandruff control. It usually takes about a week and the itchy scalp along with the dry flakes have decreased substantially. I would recommend this item to anyone with any hair type as well. Just use your own conditioner. I’m 3C hair and I’ve used it in my daughters 4C hair.
Cleans nicely even every day. Would like to know if it’s tested on animals before I can recommend it.
Love it tingly feel
Love it ...cleans well makes your head feel fresh and tingly cool feeling .. been buying it since we tried it
One of the Best!
I love this product-nice lather, great scent and hair is left dandruff-free and silky too.
Not only good for treating dandruff
I can't live without it. My skin is very sensitive and I need my skin scalp free from sweat and oil build up. This is helps my scalp feel free and without any itchy problems. It is great during summer.
Awesome Product
Love it!!! it helps me improve the dandruff and not itchy anymore.
Would not recommend
This product helps you in the short term but helps actually build up dandruff on your scalp! It is not helping you at all! I would not recommend at all. I suggest getting a higher end product
Leaves a nice tingling sensation
Besides helping rid dandruff this product leaves a nice tingling sensation after rinsing.

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