4.5 5 0 102 102 With rich and creamy lather, Tea Tree + Mint Complex Dandruff 2in1 Shampoo nourishes hair with added moisture, while the cooling mint complex deeply purifies scalp of 94% of irritants.
Head & Shoulders Tea Tree + Mint Complex Shampoo
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Clean scalp
This Head & Shoulders Tea Tree + Mint Complex Shampoo is so refreshing. I bought it for my husband, but I also ended trying it too. We loved the feeling of clean scalp
Nice tingle from the mint and the tea tree seems to keep the bacteria on the scale under control. Smells good too!
Loved the feeling of this on my scalp. Very refreshing and the smell is amazing first thing in the morning and late at night before bed. My husband requests this whenever I am going to the store.
Buy it!
Smells so good and makes your scalp feel clean and has a slight tingle but it feels very nice afterwards. The smell is wonderful
Smells Good
During the winter my scalp gets really itchy. I bought this to help and while it does what it’s supposed to; it makes my hair feel yucky. My hair felt really dried and it took a few washes and hair mask to get back to normal.
Great smell
It smells amazing I love the smell of tea tree and how clean my hair feels after using the product on my dry hair. It feels silky soft and really cool it's great in the summer.
Works good
Helps with my dandruff and has a nice minty feel on my scalp that reduces any itch. Works well!
I love this product leave my hair so smooth and smells great ! I switched from my regular go to for this one due to dry scalp in the winter and I don’t think I’ll go back.
It's nice how it lathers and rinses easily. Love it
It works but its not pretty
Washing my hair with this shampoo felf like I was applying some kind of doctor prescribed hair treatment. Did not like the consistency of the shampoo or the smell. It does work a bit, i noticed mild improvements with in a few washes. But I stopped using it before the bottle was empty. Did not like.
I always use head&shoulder shampoo i like specially dry hairs
Bon produit
Pour traiter les pellicules sèche c'est un bon produit mais ne pas utiliser a tous les jours car risque d’asséché le cuir chevelu..
Good product
I do like this product but I still have bad dandruff. It doesn't quiet clean the scalp for my hair. The smell I like the most. Definitely if it got rid of my dandruff I would use this as my daily hair wash
Head and shoulder offers a variety of different scented dandruff shampoos but this is one of my favourites. They can be somewhat pricey but smell very fresh and really work away at eliminating dandruff
wesome Good for my hair it’s clean my scalp very deeply and make my hair feel so good and if you have dandruff u can use it this help to reduce your dandruff

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