Head & Shoulders Tea Tree + Mint Complex Shampoo

4.5 5 0 113 113 With rich and creamy lather, Tea Tree + Mint Complex Dandruff 2in1 Shampoo nourishes hair with added moisture, while the cooling mint complex deeply purifies scalp of 94% of irritants.
Head & Shoulders Tea Tree + Mint Complex Shampoo


Best shampoo brand for dandruff
I like head and shoulder brand for dandruff. I seem to get dandruff during winter time maybe because I use warm water or whatever but this shampoo helps me with my scalp issues.
Love love love
I have dry scalp I have used a lot of head and shoulder shampoo’s but this tea tree is the one that has worked for me it gave me healthy scalp shiny hairs and I love it and I still am using it..i like the green apple one too but this is the holy grail to dry Scalp
love the tingling sensation
love the feeling after using this shampoo, feels tingly and clean! with great cleaning as well!
It’s the best shampoo I’ve tried with head and shoulders. I would occasionally have dandruff appear but ever since I started using this, I haven’t seen any. Works wonders and smells great. If you like tea tree you’ll love it.
Love it
I love head and shoulders shampoo, in the winter I get quite a bit of dandruff and this takes care of getting rid of that. And I love anything with tea tree in it, helps with acne on the shoulders
Great product
The shampoo is great! Love the smell and the way it helps with dandruff. It leaves a cool feeling and its great.
It didnt work
I've tried this as I have mild dandruff, it did not stop the itching or flakes. It does have a very nice smell and cleans well.
Works as promised
Works great for non medical scalp problems needing a quick fix. It cured our problems as desired with an acceptable scent for sensitive noses. We will buy it again!
Cooling sensation
I get a dry scalp with dandruff from time to time and use this to help it. This mint scented one is great because it gives my head a cooling feeling. It also works at getting rid of dandruff.
Definitely Worth It
My favourite head and shoulders have been the Eucalyptus scent however is now moved to 2nd place, tea tree has taken the win! I love how it leaves my scalp feeling extra clean and fresh! Will definitely purchase!
Great shampoo for everyday use
This shampoo cleaned my scalp and hair without overly stripping, it was creamy and spread through my hair quickly. It had a pleasant smell to it and was not irritant to my hair.
great wash
The tea tree is great for waking up your scalp. Feels clean after, and your left with a pleasant smell.
Not for danduff
Don't really like this product. I find it strong 💪 and didn't like the smell. And would recommend a salon professional recommended shampoo for dandruff. I found it thick and didn't like the texture.
Soft hair
I use this as my second conditioner rinse as it leaves my hair soft and supple and feels smooth. It is also antidandruff and have a refreshing smell. Doesn’t feel like it leaves residuals either.
Head&Shoulders all the way for me!
This product is the best around for hair and scalp care, as far as I am concerned. It leaves the hair soft and flowing with a real feeling of clean. Can't do without it!

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