Heinz Multigrain Cereal with Sweet Potato

4.8 5 0 36 36 Heinz Baby Cereals with Milk are an excellent source of calcium and provide a creamy, smooth texture and preferred flavour. Plus, they also provide an excellent source of iron and B vitamins to help your baby grow. Whats more, they are easy to digest. Simply add water. Heinz Baby Cereals are steam cooked and gently blended in a variety of delicious flavours, with added fruit and mixed grains to give your little one a happy and nutritious mealtime
Heinz Multigrain Cereal with Sweet Potato


Nice cereal
I usually buy this multigrain cereal with sweet potato for my baby she likes it so much ,one of her favourites
We liked it!
Easy to prepare, to carry, to eat. The price is fair and my baby enjoyed it. Perfect to introduce solids.
Baby food
My kids loved Heinz cereal brands! Never tried this exact one as my kids were babies 11 years ago. We had oat and rice like cereals back then. Heinz has been around a long time and a brand I would trust.
Baby approved
Easy to make. Or add to purees to thicken as child gets older. My son loved the flavour and I had to scrap every last bit out of the bowl.
Son LOVES it!
I went with BLW with my son and I was scared to do the big big chunks - but my pediatrician gave me the ok to start him off on a mixture of cereals even though it says stage 3. My son has been eating this, plus the other flavors, everyday for three months. Loves it!!
Happy mama
This product is easy to prepare and perfect for a family on the go. My daughter did not like the taste of the product, but she is super fussy. I would recommend it to other parents since it’s healthy and easy!
5 star from my little guy!
My son didn't care too much for sweet potatoes, until we tried this! My guy is a picky eater, so I'm thankful we've found these! Now they are must have everyday! Plus, they are so simple to make, and with 5 kids, easier the better! Even my preteen can help me by making them if I'm busy doing something else to get dinner on the table!
My daughter loves this kind!
My daughter always loved sweet potatoes but this was next level.She has it bassically every morning and my favorite part is how easy it is to make! she eats as soon as we get up so that means before my morning coffee so somthing simple is so appreciated :)
Nice Flavor
My babies love these, very easy to make and love the flavour.
My daughter loves this
I have tried various other cereals but they have certain metallic taste to them but my daughter enjoys these every morning
Great for babies
My son likes this flavor. Easily digestable. Great when starting solids
He loved it
My lil boy really enjoyed Heinz baby cereals I like the container, size and fact its resealable made it easy to take on the go
Baby food
I love that this is healthy for my baby and has lots of nutrients and vitamins that do you need to grow it to skate my baby loves it it is a good price and I love the cute packaging I would recommend you buy this
It's easy, nutritious and my daughter loved it. There were several decent portions per bag. The stage guidelines on the bag were super helpful as a new parent.
My toddler loves it
My baby which is now 1 year and 4 months loves it . I find its really enjoyable for them . Plus its easy on there stomach . I find its perfect the way it is . I do recommend it the way it is .

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