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Heinz Turkey Rice with Vegtables
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Tastes good for Baby food in a jar
This turkey jar of bany food actually smells and decent in comparison to some of it's other flavours. My infant at the time did enjoy this and would request more. The only thing I dont really enjoy with jar foods is its sodium content.
I find the rice way to hard my son was gagging on it. other then that the taste was great
Both my daughters loved this! Great for transitioning from strained to solid food.
My daughter loved this. I bought nothing but Heinz baby food for any baby I fostered.
My son liked it. I think it was kinda weird, in both the texture and smell, but he liked it so thats all that matters.
My now 10 month old son loves all Heinz baby food! He doesn`t seem to mind the `aroma` since I mix this with his congee.
My daughter had this last night for dinner and she really enjoyed it!
i was unsure with this but turns out my daughter liked this one!
My daughter loved this combination, shes a very picky little girl and i was shocked when she gobbled this down. Other than the odd smell, its amazing!
my children have tried this when they were infants!! I always used Heinz it was our go to brand and hey loved it Heinz was their fav
What a great combo! My son loves it and great choice from serving beef all the time!
Well I personally didn`t try this product, but my ten month old daughter sure loves it!!
My daughter 1 loves the turkey rice and veggie. Its my go to meal when my little miss is being fussy.
just fed it to a little boy I take care of - he LOVED it!!
My baby loved this food he skipped the puree and went straight for the jars with chunks and eat it all every time!

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